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Lil's Pad

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Half English, half German (with a dash of Swedish in the German half) I'm small, plump and blonde (one out of three ain't bad) and am still getting used to being retired from the Civil Service, where I was in HR and played with Excel and databases.

When I was in my late twenties, Peter Hammerton and Terry Jeeves introduced me to fandom through the Sheffield Science Fiction Group, which they founded. At one stage I chaired this august body, on the basis that I could shout loudest. My first convention was Seacon 79, where I met inamac, my best mate, who shares a house and most of my obsessions with me to this day. I've been in SF and media fandom ('Blake's Seven' and 'The Professionals' mainly) on and off since then, though latterly we somehow became sidetracked into breeding and showing Oriental and Singapura cats, of which we currently have four living with us, though the breeding has ceased for the foreseeable future, and the showing takes place occasionally. We have also added two dogs, an English Toy Terrier called Draco and a Smooth Collie called Bren, and both (try) to do agility.

I used to write fan fiction, which is gradually making its way onto Archive of Our Own (AO3) I also try to write professional fiction, and had a couple of stories published in the States in the past. I am hopeless at marketing my work, but maybe I'll try again. Currently, though, it's back to the fanfic.

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