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Not the sort of rain forecast today
This morning, I had just fed the cats their wet food, and had retreated to the sitting room with an armful of Casino, a dish, knife, and his cooked chicken. Having cut up the chicken, I put it in his bowl and somehow got out without letting the rest of the mob in (because Cas won't eat if there is another cat - or even a human - in the room) together with a small amount of chicken, which I was breaking up to feed in bits to the feline supplicants. While I was doing this, I heard a retching noise overhead.

I looked up.

A feline head appeared over the edge of the stairs a couple of feet above me.

I jumped backwards, just in time to avoid a vast stream of projectile vomit. Flash was not so lucky. Nor was the carpet, or the water-fountain (which I need to start working again, as the cats love to drink from it), nor the dumper it was sitting on, nor the bag of dvd cases - well, you get the picture. Also, pool of wee where it should not be.

By the time I had cleaned all this up, the tea was luke-warm, and as I carried it into my bedroom I noticed another big pile of cat-sick on the floor.

Who'd have C-A-T-S.

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Two frequently repeated expressions of exasperation in this house. "Cats!" and "Children!"

My ewashing basket contains a child's coat covered in cat vomit. I have no washing machine and really really didn't want to have to spend another afternoon in the laundrette so soon.

For our next home, I think I'm going to do the whole color coordination thing around kitty barf. That way, when the road starts going south (and Frankie will make certain it does), it won't look quite as bad. lol

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