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Day Watch
We were in Ilford (on a most successful shopping expedition) on Saturday, and had a choice of The Kingdom or Day Watch as a pleasant way of spending the afternoon. As the latter started first, we went to see that, and were glad we had done so.

First thing to say is that if you haven't seen Night Watch (and why not?) then you are going to be hopelessly lost within a few minutes, and the ending will not make any sense at all. This is really a single movie cut into two. However, if, like me, you have only seen Night Watch once, then it will all come rushing back and everything will be perfectly understandable.

Anton is still on the Night Watch (the goodies enforcing the truce between good and evil magicians, vampires et al) and his son is still in the hands of the Day Watch (the bad guys) and is well on the way to being a "Great Dark One". However, Anton's partner, Svetlana, is well on the way to being a "Great Light One". If they ever meet...

The movie is fast, with a complex plot, some knockout car chases, great FX, and a very Russian sense of humour. It contains the best cross-gender body swap sequence I've ever seen, all the funnier and more true to life because it is magnificently underplayed. Then there's the were-parrot, the magical battle as to whether or not a plane is taking off for Samarkand, and the Chalk of Doom. How can you not fall for a movie where the ultimate weapon is the Chalk of Doom? We also have a skit on the wall driving sequences in Minority Report, and a cross between LoTR and Hero in the opening sequence where Tamerlane takes Samarkand (in order to get the Chalk, natch.)

Sure, there are a lot of raw edges, and the person who did the (animated) subtitles plainly is not familiar with the phrase "penalty shoot-out", but what the hey! I had a great time watching this movie, and intend to watch it back to back with Night Watch the instant it is out on DVD. Better than Night Watch which was, in itself, a pretty good movie.
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