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Riddle me this...
Among the problems we have been having is one with our BT landline phone. As of three weeks ago, though we were able to ring out, if you rang in you might get through, but then again, you might have the phone burp at you - and it might give a tiny apologetic ring - and then do nothing at all. Now, we've never really liked the phones we have, so - as the ringing out was working and the router was fine - we went out and bought some rather upmarket phones that are much nicer. I set these up at the weekend - and tested them once by ringing in from the mobile. Phones and answerphone worked (once), until the next morning when they gave out completely. Once again we could ring out, but calls in didn't work.

I therefore rang BT on the mobile and got them to test the line. I also did all the things they suggested, such as putting an old corded phone on the line, taking out the splitter and turning off the router - in fact, I had already tried replacing the splitters - but nothing made any difference at all.

Yesterday, all the power fused (we think due to cats peeing on a five-ganger surge protector). So, after clearing up and replacing stuff, I reset the circuit breaker.

A few hours later, the phone rang. Yes, the landline rang. It was working all last night. I haven't tried it yet this morning, but I'm hoping. But if reseting the circuit breaker made it work - why????

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I'd guess that BT have just mended whatever the fault was, since not getting INcoming calls is usually their fault!

I wonder how many other people were affected?

The little girl from "The Ring" is trying to get through your phone line, and her flux fried some wires and is causing a semi-disabling distortion. The circuit reset temporarily dislocated her.

If it goes out again and then suddenly comes back and rings for no reason, watch out if the t.v. suddenly comes on by itself or gets really fuzzy.

That's BT that is.

The circuit breaker is a red herring for sure.

Always worth spraying the splitters with contact cleaner as a few DB can make a big difference, but only to the speed of the internet connection.

It just rots your socks doesn't it when things go wrong with the gadgetry.

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