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Sometimes good things come in threes...
The Bourne Ultimatum

In a summer of disappointing sequels (though Ocean's 13 was way better than Ocean's 12) this trilogy finale stands out as being the best Bourne film (just) and one of the best thrillers I have seen in ages. The characters are engaging and the action is rip-roaring, while the plot is complex and (just about) intelligible. The location filming grounds the film in the real world and the hand-held camera may be faintly sea-sick making, but certainly adds urgency.

Someone has been leaking information about a CIA black ops unit to a Guardian journalist who has also been fed information about Jason Bourne. Both the unit and Bourne want to know who fed him the information, for very different reasons. Said unit also wants Bourne very, very dead. However, he is very, very difficult to kill. Result: mayhem.

The movie starts with a set piece stalk-counter-stalk through the crowds at Waterloo, middles with a massive four way chase on scooters and then on foot over the rooftops of Tangier, and ends with what must be one of the best car chases ever in New York.

Loved the ending, too.
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