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Observing Cat Interactions
Watching the cats react to the new kitten is interesting, and not always what you would have expected. Said kitten (Flash) is allowed all over the house now, though he is locked in a kitten pen at night, and we tend to keep him close to us during the day – if we are out in the day he is locked up with Ellie (and sometimes Zara) at large in the sitting room.

Zara sat facing him in car in a separate box all the way down from Worcester, and this seems to have initiated fellow feeling. Or perhaps she is pregnant. Or perhaps he smells like his brother, with whom she has just spent four weeks. Or maybe all Singapuras are so closely related anyway that they all feel like brothers and sisters.
Anyhow, she took a couple of sniffs, then a couple of licks, and that, apparently, was enough to allow her to play with him – and steal his food.

Ellie also gave him a couple of licks, and then proceeded to ignore him, though he gets a tap if he gets too close. As we tend to lock him up with her (and Zara) this is a GOOD THING. I think she regards him as a bit of a nuisance, but not worth bothering about.

Casino ignores him. But then he ignores everyone.

Quillan has sniffed him all over, given him a lick or two, but otherwise ignores him.

Of the Orientals, the one we expected least trouble with was Kurt, our little Havana boy who loves to play, loves everyone, and has the biggest purr in the county. Kurt took one look, gave a most ferocious hiss, and SULKED. It was the most amazing SULK. He wouldn't come near us, wouldn't purr, wouldn't even accept a cat treat, and refused to be stroked. Every time he saw the kitten he hissed – and growled. Even when he couldn't see the kitten he had a tendency to growl at us. Slowly, though, he has realised that this isn't getting him anywhere, and the kitten is a fixture. He has started coming to be stroked again, and the purr is back. He has touched noses with the kitten, and the huge hisses (he has a way of curling his tongue to make them louder and nastier) are getting half-hearted. He has sat on my bed and scoffed treats with the kitten six inches away. I think we are getting there. They may be best friends in a couple of weeks.

Ross, though he is the biggest of all our cats, and bullies Ellie, is basically very nervous. He hisses, then slinks away. If the kitten gets too close, a paw bats out, but I think it is a soft paw. He, also, sat on the bed a foot away from the kitten and accepted treats – and accepted that the kitten got treats to. It will take longer with him, but we'll get there.

Xolo is ignoring the whole thing. So long as she gets fed and groomed and stroked, she is happy. Kitten gets too close, kitten gets a hiss. However, she mainly just sits and watches.

Pyanfar – her of the swift paw – has yet to deploy it. However, the kitten has come under her gaze, and her warning hiss, unlike those of the boys, is immediately obeyed. Plainly, Flash knows who is boss in our household. One good thing – Pye has stopped sitting on the table and demanding our food for the duration. In fact, though the kitten is confined to his box while we are eating (and he complains mightily about this) none of the cats except Zara are really keen on coming into the sitting room at the moment. Plainly, they have not realised there is kitten food available.

And Flash? He is a bold kitten, and bounces towards most of them with his tail up. However, he knows when to back off. Yesterday I found him at the top of the stairs, pressed against the door of inamac's bedroom, tail fluffed, as Kurt, Pye and Ross blocked all of the other exits and fixed him with their steely gazes. Maybe he has been wacked by Pyanfar – after all, why should he be the only cat in the house who does not feel the force of her paw?

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You have the coolest cat names! I dub mine Frank ... Sam ... Louie. Stuff like that. I have to endeavor to be more inventive (or else ask you for ideas). lol

Well, as our cats are pedigrees, if we buy them in they come with pedigree names. Sometimes we hate those names, and change them immediately, so that Singingpurrs Sinsinatti (Sin-Sin as a kitten nest name) became, firstly, The Kid, then, because that didn't stick, Casino, after the safecracker in Garrison's Gorillas, because he was forever looking for safes behind our pictures, while his sister, Singingpurrs Sinderella, became Chantinelle, after the demon in Hellblazer (all cats are demons, and all female cats are succubuii) but that got shortened to Ellie.

Cantomine Classical Cantata became Zara because the day we brought her home (and we didn't even know she existed that morning) Zara Phillips won the European Three Day Event.

We love naming kittens. Our litters tend to have themes. Ross is short for Inazuma Mysteryos Stranger, and was named for a posting name of a friend on the BBC film messageboards. The other kittens in that litter were Inazuma Dark Phoenix, Inazuma Hillybilly Wheels and Inazuma Electric Dragon - all fellow posters.

There is a tradition that we name our Havana kittens after X-Men. Hence Dark Phoenix - above - and Kurt, whose pedigree name is Inazuma Nightcrawler. (Of course, Nightcrawler's real name in Kurt Wagner.)

Quillan's was another themed litter. There were three girls and a boy. We wanted to use James Schmitz's wonderful girl names: Telzey Amberdon, Trigger Argee and Danestar Gems. (Interestingly, these kittens remained Telzey, Trigger and`Gem when we sold them.) The only male name that we could find that we liked was Trigger's husband, Heslet Quillan.

On the other hand, when we had a litter of four males and a female, they were promptly named for the characters in the animes about Lupin the third. As, at that time, numbers were not allowed in pedigree names, one of the kittens, who now lives with purpletigron, became Inazuma Lupin the Furred. He is now known as Wong!

Being an SF, TV, Film and comics fan does give you access to a whole world of names...

Well, I'm a fan of SF/F, but unfortunately have a husband and son who insist that cats and dogs have "normal" names (zzzz). I was able to prevail in naming one of our fancy rats Roy Ratty, however. lol

Ah, yes, the "I'm not going outside and calling that syndrome."

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