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Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End
Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End - Review

I got the impression from this movie (and, for that matter, its immediate predecessor) that the writers had lots and lots of ideas and things they wanted to put in: wouldn't it be cool to have them sail over the edge of the world? Hey, we can have a sort of blank white afterlife with the Black Pearl sort of like one of those explorers who got stuck in the ice. Ooooooo, can we have one of those giant Gods Harryhausen used to do so well? Do you remember those scenes in Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea where everyone used to be thrown/throw themselves from one side of the ship to the other – let's do that and have them turn it over.

No-one wanted to let go of any of those ideas, so they piled them all up, then tried to make a plot around them. That's when things got difficult. (I even have a suspicion that the original script had a whopping great naval battle, until Disney pointed out that this would be too expensive.)

The result was a plot that twisted so hard and so fast you had to hang on like grim death to keep up with what was happening. Even if you managed it, the instant you had time to think, you realised that very little of it made much sense. What was Barbarossa's motivation re Calypso, for instance? Indeed, what did the whole Calypso strand of the plot add to the overall impact? Could it have been left out? Well, if it had been, we wouldn't have been left wondering just what the heck she thought she was doing – and what the heck Davy Jones thought he was doing, either.

There were some great images (the Pearl cresting the dune on the stone/crabs, the junk entering the ice cave, the dead in their boats, the battle in the whirlpool – though the seamanship was dreadful) and some very funny and exciting moments. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves hugely, and the amount of ham must have fed the whole crew for the entire shoot. Yes, I enjoyed it too – more, in fact, than I had expected to. I wasn't bored, but the pacing wasn't good.

It needed a good edit. For a start, all the fight scenes needed hard cutting. Indeed, whole chunks of plot needed editing away, and then it might have been something special. (Though I being careful with my words here, as I remember the director who, told to "cut this film in half" went away with the print and a pair of scissors and spent all night carefully cutting along the whole length of the movie...)

Still, not as bad as Superman Returns.
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Yep, One plot at least too many
Too much stupidity at world's end

But really good fun most of the time.

Not as good as Spiderman 3 though which was a very anti-american movie with its 'lets all be friends' ending, probably why it has done so much more business abroad than it did at home

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