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Flash at the charge
Inazuma Heslet Quillan
Saturday, we took Zara up to see her boyfriend, and left them with him trying to charm her out of his bed, where she had firmly settled. We then went to see our prospective boy and his sisters. He is utterly wonderful, so here are some pictures of Valisa Flashing Blade...

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Now that is one gorgeously cute cat.

And a swashbuckler, without a doubt! All he needs is the boots and the feather in his hat ...

We can't wait to take him home - though that won't be for another five weeks! His breeders think that 'Flashing Blade' suits him too!

He is lovely: clearly has that swordsman charisma down pat.

Exquisite! Thanks for showing the photos.

Oh my god, that IS one gorgeous cat.

(Also: as a Responsible Cat Owner (tm) I always spay my cats. But boy, I miss kittens so much!)

As responsible breeders, if our kittens don't go for breeding, their new owners sign a contract saying they will be neutered. Singapuras are a small breed numerically, with less than a hundred kittens registered in a year in the UK, and several breeders have for various reasons, stopped breeding in the UK recently. If not enough people keep tom cats, on open or limited stud, then the breed will die out, and we think that would be a pity.

There is one other tom (with different bloodlines) in about 100 mile radius - the next nearest is the one Zara is visiting who is more than 160 miles away in Worcester. Again, responsible breeders do not sell boys for stud (or queens for breeding, come to that) to people who do not have the time or the facillities to keep them properly. In fact, though these breeders have been breeding Singapuras for about eight years and Maine Coons for much longer than that, Flash is the first boy they have sold as a stud. We are deeply honoured that they trust us that much.

Having had a look around, they are indeed a lovely breed, and your boy is indeed going to grow up into a gorgeous cat. Although of course I still have to see a cat that I didn't find piercingly beautiful at least some of the time, including my Zip, who is not one of the race's great highlights (my mom always say that she's like two cats of different sizes glued together in the middle).

(Oh, and here are my photos from a cat show, from a visiting cat nut point of view:

On a completely different note, do you have any good ideas on how to get rid of Persistent Cat Pee Smell (tm) due to an unfortunate incident with an overturned cat litter box and a terrified cat? (Yes, I am touched that she thought the safest point of the house was directly below my pillow under the bed, but I still want to get rid of the traces of this touching testimony of trust and affection.)

Urine-Off is pretty good - expensive, but good.

Your bedding should, of course, be washed in biological powder.

The bedding is safe. It's the floors that I am worried for. Repeated moppining with clean water doesn't seem to have improved the situation all that much.

Cleaning cat pee...

If you want to try ‘Kim & Aggie’ remedy one teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to 500ml of water rubbed thoroughly onto the stain with a towel (push really hard) and then dried with a hairdryer is supposed to work. Or a solution of (biological) Ariel in the same proportions.

I like the photos. Is that an Italian cat show? It plainly isn't one run under local GCCF rules.

Yes, it's held in Padova at the beginning of November. How can you tell the rules are different?

There's a photo of a judge with a cat on a table, This only happens in the UK at shows held under FiFe rules (and there are only half a dozen a year) or the Supreme - and the tables there a big and round. A steward will but the cat into its carrying box, and bring it to a holding cage, and then each one will be brought in turn to the judge.

For most shows in the UK the judge (accompanied by a steward) goes from cage to cage with a small trolley. Each cat is taken from the cage by the steward and examined on the trolley without moving from the area of the cage. The steward then puts the cat back and the judge moves on.


When and if we do have kittens in the nest, please come over and play with them.


Yes yes YES! :-)

So they can become bilingual cats. :-)

Oh, what a gorgeous nose! And such classic curious kitten poses. I love the expression in the first one: "yes, actually, I am right".

A few seconds after the last one, he fell down the back of the sofa.

I like the one of his breeder holding him - he has that utterly fixed expression that tell you that he's going to do what he wants - just you wait.

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