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The pilling of cats is a difficult matter
The last few days have seen little time to contribute to LJ. Jean is down with the lurgy, though she has bravely gone into work this morning. My conjunctivitis has cleared up, luckily, but I am at this time pilling three different cats.

Pyanfar, who has just been spayed and had several teeth out at the same time, is on antibiotics morning and night. Luckily, she takes these like a little lamb. Indeed, at one time she was on something that had large, slow release capsules which we hid in ham. At one stage the capsule dropped out of the ham and she chased it to the floor and ate it...

Meanwhile, Ellie is permanently on steroids for her gingivitis. We are trying to cut down from the one a day that she is stable on, and at the moment are on a half every three days, with one on the other days. I'm not sure this is going to work, and she is a pig to pill at any time. Her trick is holding the pill in her mouth for as long as possible, despite nose holding and throat massaging. She also claws at your hands. There have been times when she has had to be wrapped in a towel, and we have used pill spitters on her. Needless to say, there is no way she will take the pill in food, but one trick we have found is to coat the pill with cheese, butter, or beef or fish paste, and then shove it in her mouth. This makes it difficult for her to spit it out.

Kero has a heart murmur, is permanently on vasotop, and has a check up every three months. Which was last night. (We seem to be almost permanently in the vets at present.) Her trick is to absent herself to the top of the G-plan cocktail cabinet so we have to go and find a chair to stand on before we can reach her. Though she doesn't fight, she also has been known to hold the pill in her mouth and spit it out later.

And both kittens think that if you open a pill box you are getting something nice out for them to eat.

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Sounds like a good game for all the family! I did have a cat who was capable of holding a pill in her mouth even when she'd start to foam. You could not get tablets down that cat no matter what you tried. I don't envy you...

Ellie has had a number of operations on her mouth this summer - and her jaw wired together where the vet split it along the centre weakness when removing one of her lower canines. After she'd seen a specialist, she was given some dog-sized antibiotics which apparently tasted abominable. Pink-coloured foam used to cover her face and our hands, and we had to use several tissues wiping her face afterwards. (The only reason we had been given these tablets is that Chris-our-vet had assured the specialist that we were ace at pilling cats.) We yelled for help, and were given substitutes that didn't taste as bad. She's only on steriod pills because the slow-release injections don't work for her, and her mouth is again in a dreadful state within three weeks. The pills are working reasonably well, but she dives for cover if she sees me open the drawer where the they are kept, or the fridge to get something to smear on them. No fool her.

We've been using cream cheese for Jasper recently, and may well keep on doing it even though there's no payload to deliver, just because it'll make things easier in the future.

A dab of CC on their nose usually makes them lick it, which is tied to swallowing. Usually seems to work for us (except sometimes with Princess).

"Usually seems to work for us (except sometimes with Princess)."

There's always one.

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