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A "Primeval" Drabble.
Thinking about all the different bits of "Primeval" that could be either bad science or a clever back reference, I came up with this drabble as the obvious explanation to one of the earliest accusations...


As they paused for a last glance at the Zen garden landscape, Ryan asked, cautiously, "How did you know that skeleton was male?"


"Professional curiosity. No clothing left but metal and plastic. The pelvis wasn't fully uncovered and you certainly didn't count ribs, Professor."

"Glad to hear the Army has moved beyond Genesis." Cutter's tone suggested he'd previously doubted it.

Ryan waited.

"True, I didn't get to examine the pelvis, but just above it were the remains of the one piece of clothing no woman would have been wearing."

"Bollocks!" said Ryan.

"Yeah. The fitting from his jockstrap."

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*chuckles* Nice! I am firmly adopting this as canon.

You *are* awful!!!!
But, *g*

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