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Catching up, slowly but surely
And on watching 'Rogue One' which we missed (like far too many things) at the cinema - this is much better than the overrated re-hash of 'A New Hope' that was 'The Force Awakens'. Sure, the characters are sketchy, but still likeable. Possibly considering the slaughter at the end, it might have been a good choice not to get the audience too invested in them.

Plot and action wise, it's excellent war movie. What's more, it held Ina's attention throughout, which action movies generally do not do. It also plugged a major plot hole in 'A New Hope' which was great. On the other hand, somehow Vader wasn't half as scary as he used to be/will be (depending on real life/movie timelines.) I didn't find Tarkin too 'Uncanny Valley' but, as the panel at Eastercon on the subject remarked, this is possibly because Peter Cushing had the sort of face that looks a bit not-quite-human to start with! Leia's de-aging, on the other hand, was pure Uncanny Valley.

On another subject, watching 'Tracks' ... there is a distinct style of Aussie film, at least the ones I see. This one, like 'Picnic at Hanging Rock', 'The Dish', 'Lantara', 'Walkabout' etc is beautifully shot, carefully characterised, respectful of the Indigenous Peoples, not so respectful of other Aussies and, you know, a bit slow, if thoughtful. (Fred to note this is a movie where the dog dies.)

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Thank you for the warning about the dog. I'll knock that off my list of things to watch!

"Sure the characters are sketchy..." I found a video on YouTube of the "Everything Wrong With Rogue One" variety that amounted to little more than a litany of characters with no story arc. Some people don't seem to get that there are times when it's not primarily about the characters. Sometimes it's what gets done that matters, not by who, or why. The Story is the hero. And Rogue One is a pretty good example. Probably why I liked it so much.

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