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Has Marvel No Damn Sensitivity at All?
So, I am going to comment on Marvel's latest stupidity. I do not care that this is a spoiler. I really do not. So, while I will put in a gap, I am NOT putting this under a cut. I am too damn angry - and comics readers need to be warned, particularly if they are Captain America fans in any universe or medium.


In the main comics verse, they have decided to retcon Captain America/Steve Rogers so that he has been an undercover Hydra agent - a Nazi - since he was a child. (I have no doubt it will be taken back at some stage, but that is not the point.) The last panel of #1 of the latest Steve Rogers: Captain America series has Steve saying "Hail Hydra" unironically. (Please note that Hail Hydra is similar to a certain other "HXXX HXXXXR" and it is no coincidence.)

Now, Steve Rogers has been -- mostly -- a beacon of decency among superheroes in much the same way Clark Kent is. But, more to the point, he was created by two Jewish comic creators - Joe Simon and Jack Kirby -- specifically to be opposed not just to Fascism and Hitler, but to those in America at the time who were working to keep the US out of the war and turn American opinion in favour of the Nazis. They have stated this.

A lot of Jewish comics fans who I follow on Tumblr are not unnaturally, damn upset about this. A lot of Captain America fans -- and I have been one since 1962 -- are also upset about it. It was bad enough when they had Doc Ock take over Peter Parker's body, or when they turned Tony Stark into a sadistic supervillain, but this is, to put it bluntly, unforgivable.

In addition, there is some speculation that they have done this to de-rail Kevin Feige, who got the Marvel Studios taken away from the same control as the comics publishing and TV arms. If this is true it is amazingly idiotic, as it is likely Disney -- who have overall control -- will be very displeased.

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What on earth? That's just getting silly.

When the news first broke it was on a satire website, and everyone honestly thought it wasn't true. The aintitcoolnews weighed in with lots of scans and quotes, and now it is all over the press.

I have seen very few comments in support of Marvel on this. People are cancelling their pull lists over it. Of course it will eventually be retconned, but now the damage is done.

Mind you, I am learning things. Such as that Simon and Kirby received death threats from American Nazis unless they turned Cap to the Nazi side. Which they ignored.

I hope this blows up in Marvel face. And this is very much spitting against what Steve Rogers stood.

Marvel comics appear to be revelling in the publicity. It will be interesting to see how Disney react to another division shitting on one of their prime movie properties.

Wait people are buying this comic though? I really hope no one buys it and I want to see how Disney reacts to this as well.

There is a strong reaction against it in some quarters, but, as you can imagine, the sort of fanboy (and it is almost exclusively fanboys) who loves grim/dark and isn't particularly educated when it comes to other people's feelings are commenting that they can't see what the fuss is about because it will be retconned back at some stage.

Despite all the publicity I do not expect it to sell well. The CA title(s) have not been selling particularly well and this is meant to give them a boost. Normally, first issues do very well indeed. I am hoping that this one bucks the trend.


I'm not even much of a Captain America fan (the original was way too jingoistic for me even as a kid), and I'm outraged. Cap is supposed to represent the BEST of America, the ideals that we're meant to aspire to. This is beyond disgusting.

Well, Steve Rogers has occasionally been disgusted by current US politics and dropped the 'America' or changed his name entirely. But he has always remained a New Deal liberal (his best friend and protector as a child was gay, too.)

A critic once remarked of another book entirely (it was one of Monica Edwards' children's novels) that the most difficult thing in writing is to make a genuinely good person interesting. I guess the guys at Marvel have given up trying (about five or six years ago, probably.) The MCU is doing it rather well by reminding us that Steve Rogers is a good person, but is also flawed and can be very wrong. That must sting.

I barely follow Marvel, and I have to go WHAT???
I've seen him temporarily brainwashed, recovering after a short time, but this sounds like a very different deal.

Well, they always lie at this point in a story arc, and Tom Brevoort is lying like a good one about the usual. I am sure there is a get-out clause somewhere... but the damage has been done.

In the main comic 'verse instead of a "What If..."? DO NOT WANT EVER!

I'm a far more recent Marvel (and Captain America) fan than yourself but even I identify that it's a pact that Captain America makes with his fans to not become a villain.

If Captain America is not a hero, then he's nothing.

Wonder if this perversion of the character will spill over into the movies.

The movies tend to focus on what makes the original comic character great. I doubt very much this will affect the movie-verse which is doing much, much better than the comics at this point, including showing that even a good man like Steve Rogers has his flaws and can be wrong.

I understand that Chris Evans has done a "What the fuck?" over this on Twitter.

Thanks, took a look. Can see no-one saying what a great idea it is to turn Captain America into a baddie. Hope Marvel are paying attention.

(Hi I've never talked to you before *shy*)
I thought it was a joke at first, then I found it was actually happening like wtf?!?! I totally agree with you...

They'd better make him nazi rather than bi??
(I mean, just yesterday there was the #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend trend on twitter... )

Talk to me! When LJ was going strong people came here to vent.

I thought it was satire too, but aintitcoolnews disabused me of that notion, along with teaberryblue on Tumblr, who is an industry insider.

The best theory I've heard so far is that this is a publicity spoiler for DC's new re-launch "Rebirth" which kicks off this week.

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