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Comment Moderation on AO3
Comment moderation is being introduced to AO3 in the near future.


This reads as if it has been very well thought through.

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I had no idea AO3 even existed and it looks like it's dangerous (in terms of timesink probability) to get into.... 126 hits on Swallows and Amazons alone.

{backs away slowly}


It is a terrible dangerous thing but it is *far* *too* *late* for me to back away.

The moderation options do look good.

Is there no way we can save you...?


I don't think Lissa wants to.

Well, I don't want to.

Well Poo! That doesn't seem right, leaving you both languishing in a pit of nefarious fan-fic....


I'm not sure that languishing is quite the right word here. Revelling, perhaps.

{sigh!} Go right ahead. Crumble my delusions. See if I care.


I'm afraid not. You can blame Smitty though, as it is all her fault.

Well she was always going to be a candidate for that one.


Well, it hasn't acquired anything like the reputation TV Tropes has as a time sink, or ff.net's bad image (they don't call it the Pit Of Voles for nothing.

Never heard of any of those either.


Oh, you lucky, lucky man. (Leave FF net alone, but if you have a few hours/days to spare, Google 'TV Tropes' or follow this link ( http://tvtropes.org/ ) and hit the random tropes button at the top of the page. It's a ridiculous addictive wiki analysing tropes in TV, Literature, comic books etc etc etc.

I'm safe from wanting to follow that link, at least, I don't want to pursue something that analyses anything.

I'm a firm believer that analysing something spoils any enjoyment to be had from it. Probably why I got such bad marks in English at school.


Edited at 2016-02-26 03:48 pm (UTC)

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