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Ex Machina
I bought the DVD copy of Ex Machina last June, and we have only just got around to watching it, mainly because we were never previously in the mood.

It is quite beautifully photographed. One of those things that you really want to put some music on and just watch the pretty pictures. On the other hand, it is really unimaginative, a joy to the eye but not to the mind. We have been here before, again and again and again and again. I am deeply fed up with AIs wanting to be human and free in movies, and even more with them being sexualised (usually as female, as here.)

There's a desperate attempt justify this continual sexualisation of AIs (honourable exception for 'Iron Man' et seq.). It does not work. I blame Fritz Lang and Thea von Harbou myself.

(Oh, and the person who actually got what would, in fact, happen if a man was faced with an intelligent sex robot is Fritz Leiber in 'The Silver Eggheads' which involves a fear of castration...)

It's directed by the chap who wrote the deathly slow (and scientifically inaccurate) 'Sunshine'. Why am I not surprised?

Oh, and we all know where this is going...
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I just saw Metropolis last night with live accompaniment. It's my favorite silent movie, and at least it was doing new things, even if hundreds of movies have imitated its futuristic city, sexy robot, mad scientist, and so on.

I was being sarky about Lang and Von Harbou. When they did it, it was new and imaginative and, hey, it was a great piece of filming.

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I never saw original Metropolis. Did see the anime version. Loved it. Don't remember the sexy robots there; just that it was very tragic.

Going by the IMDB summary, the anime Metropolis is a very different story loosely inspired by the 1927 movie.

I'm glad I read this or I may have wasted a couple of hours :-)

The writer had the strange idea that an AI has to have emotions. Admittedly, most AIs on film do, but that is not the definition...

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