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Watching Ant-Man

Watching 'Ant-Man'. Makes even less sense than the comics. Never have been able to stand Scott Lang - and Hope isn't a patch on Jan (who would have given this version of Hank hell for this caper.) It's also bloody misogynistic - "It proves that he loves you." (No, it proves that the people who wrote this script think women are only there as motivation for men. Fridging Jan, one of the best characters in the whole of Marvel, proves that.) Hank is even more of a selfish bastard here than in 616. What's more, there's only been one laugh and that one was in the trailer.

Some of the FX is nice, but the ants don't look real.

Incidentally, what is this thing Marvel have about bald villains????

Whoever wrote this had no idea that server farms are routinely protected against insects for good reason. (i.e. the original 'bug' was just that - an insect.)

Dear God, did no one do real research on flying ants? On how long they live? How far they can fly?

Ina has just describe this movie as 'an idea in search of a plot.'

This is supposed to be a comedy thriller! Not funny, not thrilling. I have no idea how much of Edgar Wright's script remains, though I suspect it is quite a lot. I'm so glad I didn't go with the blu-ray!

It also, like most superhero-movies, goes on for far, far too long.
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