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Discover Dogs
Bren adult
Spent yesterday at Discover Dogs, this year at Excel, which is more convenient for me, even if -- as yesterday - Docklands Light was out between Stratford and Canning Town, necessitating a diversion via Poplar, which added about twenty minutes to the journey time. By dint of a lot of "Yes, I'm certain," I managed to save a number of other visitors from the half mile or so walk through the Excel Centre by telling them they should stay on the train for another stop and get out at Prince Regent. (Thanks to inamac who e-mailed the Kennel Club to find out which entrance to use.)

I was there mainly to look at the merchandise and came home with a bright orange Equafleece coat for Bren, shampoo called "Fox Poo" for the poo-rolling Draco, some of the new Fish4Dogs treats, two freebee cans of food Bren can eat, some Greyhound rescue Christmas cards and a 'training pouch' that I can use as a dog-walking belt pouch.

I also had a great time meeting dogs and talking to other doggie people.

If (by some mischance) I lost Bren, or if we move to a house where we could have a third dog, I am very tempted to consider these,

P1010211 copy

Catalan Sheepdogs. Small, active, hardy, and smart. (I do like sheepdogs, it has to be admitted.) Apparently they are really hot at agility.

Or these:


The Cirneco dell'Etna, the Sicilian version of the ancient type of hound found around the Med, such as the Pharaoh and Ibizan Hounds. (And, incidentally, isn't that unit superbly dressed?) They are quite small and also do agility, but they are hounds and the local rabbit population would not appreciate them. Nor, I suspect, would the cats.

Plus, just for Fred, I met some lovely Lancashire Heelers.


More pictures here. https://www.flickr.com/photos/lilshepherd/albums/72157659952323972

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The other day, the vet mentioned, in passing, that tomato ketchup is supposed to be good for neutralising the smell of fox poo. I have no idea if it actually works!

That's because it contains vinegar, which is the standard ingredient-you-can-find-in-your-kitchen smell remover. Also supposed to remove the smell of cat urine, though it's not as efficient as 'Urine-off' though far, far cheaper.

Ah, that makes sense. Hmm, I wonder if we should try vinegar on Jo next time she finds some badger poo?

Aw, the catalan sheepdogs are adorable, as are the heelers!

Sounds like a really nice day out.

We had some quite good results on fox poo not long after arriving in France with just ordinary hair shampoo. Lady was a very stinky lurcher t start with!

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I'm already on tx_cronopio's flist (and she on mine) and I'm so glad she's got a dog for company right now!)

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