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Star Spangled Greyhound
We were at a local fun dog event today, and spotted this greyhound (or possibly lurcher) in the ring.

What the hell would you call this colour combination, is it recognised, and if not, why not?

Spangled Greyhound

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Oh my! Pixelated brindle?

Seems like the same thing, but it is plainly very rare, and I don't think this greyhound was particularly old.

Yes, here's some more images and links; they all say the same, "how odd, a black greyhound with white spots!".

Thank you! That's all extremely useful, if a little vague.

Lovely looking dog!

I'd call that starry. Or maybe galaxy.

Not sure but I have a friend involved with homing ex racers and she may know.

Handsome hound though!

Got on to my hound loving friend and apparently, they're known as snowflakes which fits rather well! :o)

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