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One thing about receiving a slightly outdated copy of Starburst in the pack at Nine Worlds (though maybe a pack of Starburst/Opal Fruits would have been more welcome) is that it really does highlight just how much is studio puff, rumour and uninformed speculation. I looked at a couple of articles, and...

There is a long piece on how fantastic the new FF film is going to be (8% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes in reality) which is pure studio puff. This is the July 2015 issue which will have come out in June - but the rumours of how much of a mess the movie was and that the director had been behaving badly on set had surfaced in January. By this time the reshoots had taken place and the studio had cancelled the 3D conversion.

The review of Jurassic World (picked because, hey, I'd actually seen it!) is also excessively kind - but they also give the same marking to 'The Human Centipede III' (17% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) which must rank as one of the largest mistakes since Empire gave four stars to The Phantom Menace.

A quick look at their news pages reveal that they still reckon that Asa Butterfield was "favourite to win the gig" as Spider-man when apparently, Tom Holland had already nailed it the auditions. Nothing to see there, either.

I gave up reading 'Starburst' a couple of years ago. Nothing in this issue convinces me I should ever give it the time of day.

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Looking at the kids' Summer Holiday offerings as advertised on the tube makes you realise how good a director Ed Wood really was!

Thing is, I like SF and fantasy movies, and superhero movies, and animation. I also like action movies of all sorts. I am very lowbrow in my movie tastes. I also like some horror movies.

However, I like my movies to be good-of-their-kind and, you know, make sense. I also think that anything is better if the director, actors and scriptwriters are invested in the material. So if, like Guy Richie, you are commissioned to reboot a much-loved property (The Man From UNCLE) you might at least, you know, watch some episodes. Despite its flaws (mostly in the climax, and in details which a Londoner like Richie has no business approving) the first of his Sherlock Holmes movies showed a surprising knowledge of Conan Doyle's originals. It had the best Watson ever in Jude Law.

You cannot say any of the same about MfromU...

You know, the idea of Pixels is quite fun, but it is an Adam Sandler movie... *sigh*

As I've said elsewhere- there is only one Ilya Nikovitch Kuryakin! :o)

Thought Starburst went bust years ago

Unfortunately, not.

Taking a look at the cover, it is tagged "The World's Longest Running Magazine: [obscured]ult Entertainment." I suspect the word involved is "cult" but I also suspect they keep obscuring that bit so that the odd person will think it is 'adult'.

SFX, no better, in some respects worse, of course does exactly the same thing.

Edited at 2015-08-24 01:37 pm (UTC)

Monkey see monkey do on the masthead?

Thinking back, IIRC it became impossible to get the print edition at one point and they may have gone over to just online the way Starburst did but never pushed that they went back to print. I certainly don't remember seeing any ads in SFX. That was about the time we dropped a lot of stuff like Dr Who magazine and Empire because we needed to restructure our budgeting to cover some unexpected bills (I think that was the year the car got written off by a lorry) and never looked to see it it came back as we then started saving for LonCon3.

You don't see 'Starburst' a lot on the newstands the way you see SFX and these new things. We still take Empire (though sometimes I feel like jacking that in too, though then I look at Total Film and decide that maybe it isn't so bad...)

(We also take 'Horse and Hound' because Ina threatens to cancel her sub but never does. We used to take 'Our Cats' for the show reports, but those are now just on the GCCF website, run by one of our worst enemies... Ina occasionally picks up Our Dogs or Dog World or one of the glossy pet mags...)

It did, or rather its publisher Visual Imagination did. A few years later its present owner-editor, Jordan Royce, bought the name from the receivers and started it going again as a website, then with e-editions continuing the old numbering, and finally in print.

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