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Fred Bassett - this is the link for you
Does the dog (or any other pet) die in this film? If that worries you, there's a new resource...

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Thank you! I wish there was an equivalent to this for books. I've quoted this a few times in book reviews when I get fed up with animals, usually dogs (and usually Rottweilers) getting bumped off unnecessarily. But I now get my revenge by simply not bothering to finish the book if there's unnecessary violence to pets for a cheap emotional punch. And I tell authors and publicists why when they come whining for reviews!

This is a great site!

I should do a similar site for filk songs in which cats die.

Do cats die in a lot of filk songs over there? Of course, there's "Nobdoy's Moggie Now" (though that isn't filk) and Kanef's filk of it... but nothing else immediately springs to mind. Mind you, I am rather out of touch, even with British filk.

Not really a lot; it's just a personal annoyance of mine. Dead cat songs include "Wing Lu's Kitchen," "Feline Gravy," and some others. The trend has mostly died away in new songs.

The trend has mostly died away in new songs.


Well, there's "Never Set the Cat on Fire" by Frank Hayes, but that's about not having the cat die. But I suppose it might bother some people.

And for British songs, it's not a filk, but I sometimes sing "The Body in the Bag," which I believe is an old music hall song. That's ostensibly about disposing of a dead cat, but it turns out (spoiler!) she was merely asleep and having kittens, not dead.

There is a well known British filk called 'The Cat' of which my favourite line is: "But what's cute to a human has got great big eyes and squeaks" but that is about the 'domestication' of the cat.

Can't think of any off-hand where the cat dies...

On the other hand, I know of a British filk that obliquely threatens Kanefsky with a dire fate for writing "Nobody's Moggy Lands."

God, I'd forgotten that one!

a very useful resource.

Thank you! I am not Fred nor do I know him, but this comes in very handy for my household as well.

Also thanks to Fred for getting you to post this and whoever came up with the site.


It will be much appreciated by my other half who likes films and dogs. Thank you.

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