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I went to see 'Jurassic World.'
Jurassic World' - the only movie where the dinosaurs have more character than the humans - and are more likeable. Also, come on, who can outrun a T-Rex in five inch heels?

Also, the pacing was... not good.
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A T Rex in five inch heels?

Now there's an engaging thought! :o)


That's what comes of posting after half a bottle of red wine.


I wish I could draw right now.

(Groucho voice) How it got into the five-inch heels I'll never know.

And it also occurs to me that the pacing wouldn't be good.

Not in five inch heels anyway! :o)

inamac tells me that...

"Oh, Dino, you're so Money Supermarket."

(Though it occurs to me that as a non-TV watcher you might not get a reference to an advert where this guy struts down a street in skin-tight shorts and six-inch heels, wiggling his booty at everyone...)

Money supermarket ads get onto the radio of course but they're never this visual! :o)

I have a feeling ALL guys should try five inch heels some time- they might then realise just how ridiculous they really are!

The mental picture has certainly cheered up my morning!

I'm happy as long as it's not me having to wear the five inch heels! :o)

Or be the person putting the five-inch heels on the Tyrannosaurus!

(OK, now I'm seeing dinosaurs going through Costume and Makeup...

"Honestly, none of these hats are any good at all. You'd think they'd never seen a hadrosaur."

"You think that's bad? I was in here for five hours yesterday having my plates dyed purple and this dress covers them completely.")

And as for the sizes..........

I ended up feeling like the whole thing had been about as enjoyable as watching a dog fight.

I really would have been happier if the kids had died rather than the raptors.

The trailer made this movie out of be much better than it turned out.

The best part of the movie was the raptor eating the fat annoying guy. After that it was all downhill. :P

Yep. I liked the raptors.

I must admit that I went to see it mainly for the raptors (and Chris Pratt handling them.) That part was actually quite good. There should have been more of it.

Agreed. That bit was good. the rest was just pretty unpleasant and depressing.

I went to see it for the dinosaurs. Good job I wasn't expecting much else, eh?

I actually forgave them the dino inaccuracies (and there were so, so many) because they managed a successful handwave to cover that in the dialogue. So that was okay. Though they did seem to have problems with the Laws of Physics, Jim.

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