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(no subject)
Yesterday and today were Quite Interesting. Went to see the Practice Nurse for a medication review and agreed to have a go at losing some weight (which I was going to do anyway) in return for getting my medication renewed and some advice on other things.

Ina picked me up in the Lidl's car park (where traffic came to a standstill as a bloke tried to save himself a 20 yard drive by going the wrong way round the one way system just as others were coming in. In some car parks you can do this safely and without causing a traffic jam, but not this one!

We then walked the dogs on Fairlop Plain, went to Sainsbury's for Ina to get the security tag removed from the skirt she bought two days ago, and I headed for the dentist and a consultation that continued with me writing a cheque for several hundred nicker, then being in the chair for root canal work for nearly an hour.

Finally, Bren refused to do anything at agility unless forced. It was hot, but...

Today we got a phone call saying our various glasses were ready for collection and headed for Ilford, only to be caught up in a huge traffic jam along the A12, where someone had been silly and crashed at the junction with Aldborough Hatch Road. Even an hour and a half later (we were... er... delayed by a half price sale at the fashion department of Debenhams) police cars and ambulances were still dashing for the junction, so more had plainly happened.

Home now, and happy to be so, even though drugged up with Ibuprofen on dentist's orders. (400mgs every six hours for at least two days...)

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I hear you on expensive dental work! :o/

I do have an NHS dentist, but they don't do root canal work or high grade cosmetic work (not that I care to have the latter at my age.) Instead, they bring in a consultant.

I needed a replacement crown and prefer the quality of the private work.

Wishing you all the best getting over the torture dentistry

Edited at 2015-06-26 04:48 pm (UTC)

The ridiculous thing is that the local anesthetics are so good that the actual drilling and so on doesn't hurt. What hurts is keeping your mouth propped open for an hour or so, and the inability to swallow. Currently eating on one side of my mouth so as not to disturb the temporary filling...

we were... er... delayed by a half price sale at the fashion department of Debenhams

My sister-in-law talks of veiung 'intimidated' by such distractions...

I am averting my eyes gtom the bit of this post that deals with dentistry (hope the ibuprofen is taking effect)!

Anent dentists.

It's the way you go for a consultation and suddenly, "If you like we'll start on the work now."

Thing is, the Debenham's sale was full of lightweight summer stuff with a vaguely sixties and seventies feel... Mind you, Ina ended up with a lovely royal purple double-breasted wool winter coat for forty quid.

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