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Didn't see this at the cinema, for various reasons.

First impressions are: beautiful cinematography, sound utterly crap. (Which is one of the reasons, given its rep for this, that we are happy to be watching with subtitles.) Script pretty good, plot hopeless. Acting good. No comment yet on the astronomy or the physics or, for that matter, the engineering, but the biology is also crap. (No understanding of ecology.)

Too much bloody mysticism.

The robot is quite ridiculous.

"Most famous solo yachtsmen in the world don't know how to swim." Twaddle.

Excuse me, but if that planet is that close to a huge black hole then it is going to fall into the Black Hole eventually, so why the fuck are you all worrying about the time dilation effect when it is plainly NO USE as a colony.


Didn't it occur to anyone that a planet with oceans orbiting a Black Hole would have tides of extreme intensity? (And that, of course, is a real tidal wave, not a tsunami. Lovely special effect, shame about the stupidity of the crew.

And I'm not happy about the one woman crewmember supposedly basing her judgement on love... stereotypes, anyone

Meanwhile, Ina states she cannot posit a universe in which they get Murphy's Law wrong.

And the pacing is off. Too much pseudo-philosophical twaddle.


Someone just said the equivalent of "There are some things man was never meant to know."

And some folks already think they have come close to reconciling General and Special Relativity with Quantum Mechanics.

"Do you have an idea?"

"A feeling."

SCREAMS even louder!!!!

None of these planets feel in the least alien. And they are dreadfully unimaginative, compared with the reality within the planets and moons of our own solar system.

Oh, ghod, this is Nolan unable to kill his babies again. These long space sequences are pretty but plain boring, and that music is just... just... not good.

Here we go, the good ol' slingshot effect. *sigh* I wish I could believe that this is a Trek tribute.

Y'know, I thought they had a scientific advisor on this. This is all pushing coincidence and special pleading too far.

Now we've got a typical deus ex machina.

The 'power of love'.


Ina, in disgust: "This movie is all clichés." She then blamed a nationality which isn't Nolan's. I'm not sure if she just mean "bloody Hollywood suits". Then she added, "This makes 2001 look compact."

And the sound is, indeed, totally crap.

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We both quite liked this movie, tho we did not love it with the mad & passionate love some seemed to. Nor did we dislike it as much as you seemed to have. Tho, aye with occasional glitches that had to be looked over & hell yeah re: the sexism. It for the most part wasn't truly awful in this regard the way some films are but it had its moments, especially the one you mentioned.

Tho again, we both thought it had its moments, was interesting & engaging & were quite happy we saw it.

Plainly, I am unable to suspend my disbelief as far as you can, particularly on a movie whose publicity kept on and on about how scientifically accurate and meaningful it was.

Missed that publicity. errr, yikes?

I kept expecting a big reveal that the whole thing was taking place on an Earth colony and not 'our' earth. On the plus side, if we had paid to see this at the cinema I'd have walked out (if I hadn't fallen asleep with boredom). This way we at least get a return on our money.

I haven't seen the movie, so I may be missing a key point; but a black hole is simply a very massive and dense object. It doesn't have any special sucking-in powers on objects outside its event horizon, so a planet can orbit a black hole just as it can orbit a star.

However, I understand that the planet is supposed to be orbiting so close to the black hole that it's moving at over .99 of the speed of light, so it makes at least gut-feeling sense that tides should be a serious problem, and not just for the oceans. I came upon this article on Bad Astronomy, which says the question is complicated.

I really like Phil Plait's original review, which I agree with.

I'm no physicist but it is plain that those who are doing the math can't agree about this planet either. However, it is orbiting a rotating supermassive Black Hole, close enough for relativistic effects and all orbits eventually decay. (And Plait's comments about the heat and light that does not, apparently, come from the event horizon of said Black Hole, which is cool enough for our hero to enter, stand.) If said Black Hole is having massive effects on the tides it will also be having massive effects on the planet itself, which, if nothing else, will result in earthquakes. Then, of course, there are the meteor strikes...

Not a place I'd pick to colonise.

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