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Monday in Ongar
This lovely girl has been trained to guard her boss's scooter while he is shopping

Guarding the Scooter

Greensted church, one of the oldest in the country.

Greensted Church 1

The black timbers you can see along the sides are the remains of the original Saxon church.

Greensted Church Porch

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Greensted is such a beautiful church.

Well, it's been mucked about by Victorian restorers, but not as much as, say, the Saxon church at Dover castle, which was just about destroyed by Gilbert Scott...

Don't get me going on George Gilbert Scott- they let him loose on my home cathedral of Rochester. I don't know what possessed him to try to turn a clearly Romanesque building into a Gothic one!

You are hereby initiated into the 'We hate George Gilbert Scott' club, of which inamac and I are founder members.

I need to go to Ongar, clearly. That's a Saxon church I ahven't seen.

When your kitty is better we'll arrange a visit. Though much of the interior of Greenstead church is Victorian reconstruction. Ongar also has a Motte (no bailey) and some interesting old buildings.

That would be lovely: thank you.

Essex is extraordinarily beautiful in places.

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