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Amazon reaps what they sows
Steve Arms Folded
A few days ago at lot of my friends got really excited on Facebook because Amazon had sent them a puff e-mail for them to "Pre-order 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' which would contain an 'extended version' and an 'alternate ending'.

This led to everyone yelling that they expected inclusion of their particular favourite...

Now most of these folk

(a) Should have remembered that days before the release of the UK DVD and Blu-Ray of 'Avengers Assemble' everyone, but particularly Amazon, was telling us all it would include the director's commentary, when the word had been out for weeks that this had not been made in time to be included. This resulted in a lot of us ordering ours from the States (on advice from Disney, no less!) and

(b) as a lot of them were on Tumblr, should have been aware of the interview with Joss Whedon in which he said that he might - might - change the version of one or two scenes but they would be essentially the same, and that this would not amount to a director's cut because there would not be one, but there would be a lot of deleted scenes.

I spent some time adding a note of caution to these posts.

Today, we all (I presume) received this email from Amazon.


We recently sent you an e-mail about the Avengers: Age of Ultron
which said that these items included an extended version and alternate ending.
As the studio hasn’t yet confirmed which special features will be included with
these items, this information may not be correct. We're sorry for any
inconvenience our e-mail caused.

I suspect the long arm of the Disney lawyers...