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In Bedfords Park...
This Red Deer Hind and the rabbit appear to have formed an alliance.

Guarding Her Friend

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Bambi and Thumper, the later years.


Where's this 'like' button when you need it?

Oh how lovely. I love my beach and its occasional sea-monsters on the tideline, but do you know, when it comes to deer in the wild, I have never seen more than a single blur on a Scottish hill that might just have been a fly on the train window and the behind of a quadroped galloping across the road in front of a car in Northumberland.

Thanks for sharing yours!

We do occasionally see wild deer - Fallow in Epping Forest, Roe and Muntjac locally, but there are no longer wild red deer in the Epping Forest area. These are in a (large) enclosure in Bedfords Park which is managed by the Essex Wildlife Trust.

Thank you. It was in the deer park (and how I'm going to tell moonlightmead that these aren't wild deer I'm not sure.) We don't have wild Red Deer around here - just Roe, Fallow, and Muntjac.

Nice shot!

I'm hoping to get the hares to sit still long enough when we go up to Orkney next month! :o)

There are supposed to be brown hares on one of our local nature reserves. It is, indeed, rich in wildlife (and great for butterflies, water birds and newts) but I have yet to spot a brown hare. Of course, this may be because of the dogs, but we do see lizards and snakes...

Orkney seems to have mad numbers of hares, but there are no major predators there (no foxes for instance) other than the short eared owl which might take leverets.

It's an "ears" thing.
Martin Clunes will probably pitch up next

Not much to say other than beautiful and all round wonderful pic.

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