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Two half days make one, or something. Sunday and Monday am at Eastercon
Internal clock well out of wack, so didn't get much sleep Sunday night.

Sunday morning, managed to see the art show. Some lovely artwork, much of it too rich for our blood in price and nothing that screamed 'Buy me! Buy me!" except a set of the 'sf places' postcards, gorgeous and hilarious. Of note - to look up SMS/Scuzzy's book "If I had a dog," and that Tom Nanson/Fantom is getting really good. Herr Doktor's models are utterly fabulous.

'Truth Justice and the Home Office' had the benefit of Charlie Stross (author of the fabulous 'Laundry' dark fantasy/horror novels, which I love to bits) but a lack of Seanan McGuire. On the other hand, it had a moderator who actually works for Thames Valley police, so the discussion of what the relevant authorities - and which government department was the relevant authority - proceeded with much contribution from the audience, while Jim Butcher wore what had become a normal confused expression.

I had meant to go to talk by a tornado-chaser but rumours were flying that someone had pulled together a bid for next year's Eastercon (which would otherwise have been a no show) so we went to the bid session and were glad we did. Dave Lally and Pat McMurray had managed, in three days, to put together an Eastercon committee, had got their chosen city (Manchester) tourist's board actively on board with a choice of several suitable one-site hotels, and a list of excellent guests. In three days they had put together a presentation much better than that of the bid for 2017. We all want to go to Cardiff, but the bid was not well presented or well thought out (though the guest list which includes Jo Walton is great.) It was accepted but not without a substantial hold-over vote.

We then had lunch with an old friend, before heading out for Seanan McGuire's GoH speech - yes, I know that I never go to GoH speeches but Seanan is hilarious and wise and clever... and I was reminded most of all here of Pterry's old Novacon 'Terry and an audience' sessions. Whether talking passionately about her involvement with social justice or telling stories about her cats, she is one of SF's great entertainers.

I should have gone on to a panel on 'Putting the Fantasy into History or History into Fantasy' with a couple of my friends on it, but I decided that it would be ruder to yawn throughout the proceedings than not to turn up, so I went to bed before I fell asleep.

I spent the evening watching bad TV and reading while Ina went to the masquerade.

On Monday we loaded the car with our gear, worked out how to get out of the car park and back to the M4 and then the M25, checked out, registered for Mancunicon next year, and then I went to the Milford attendees reunion. (God, I remember that mackerel and mushroom pie, which I managed to avoid because I don't do fish.) After that, we went to a demo of 'Fencing for writers: Swashbucklers and Bravos."

Rapier and Dagger 1

Rapier and Buckler 2

And home.

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'Truth Justice and the Home Office'
This sounds great fun. I saw a very entertaining article by a tax official once which had to do with the tax implications of... and here I forget. Argh! Was it Gringotts? Was it vampires and other undead? Oh no, I have lost it forever now! Anyway, your discussion of relevant authorities sounds like it was great to hear!

Jim Butcher's normal look of confusion? I don't know anything about him - I had to google to find out he wrote the Dresden Files, to which my reaction was 'oh, those, keep hearing the name, ohhh...' - but was the confusion because he, I presume, is American and this sounds like a very UK-oriented panel?

What's a hold-over vote? Vote to wait and vote again later? So do I guess it is Manchester for 2016 and possibly-Cardiff but possibly-not for 2017?

Again, thanks for the write-ups, I really enjoyed sharing pieces of Eastercon!

Currently, the Eastercon is supposed to be a two year bidding process. (i.e. Committees make bids for two years ahead.) However, recently people have been so absorbed with last year's worldcon in London or so pissed off with the whole process that, as this year, we have come into the convention with no arrangements or even bids for next year's Eastercon. In each case, some experienced people have strung together a bid for the next year rather than not have an Eastercon at all. In this case, it was two very experienced con runners, one of which is almost certainly involved in the Dublin worldcon bid, which I think is for 2018.

Last year, though there was no bid for 2016, a group said they were working on one in Cardiff for 2016. Back at Novacon - which takes place, as you might suspect, in November - this team said that, for various reasons, their bid was going to be for 2017 instead (clash of events in Cardiff.)

With a two year bidding system, it is possible to tell a bid (or bids, though it's been a while since there was a contested bid or a lobby vote) that fandom assembled is not willing to approve the bid, but they should go away, work on it some more, and present it next year, for the same year they were bidding for, but in more detail. This is a hold-over vote. (In fact, the vote was something like 2 to 1 in favour of approval with half a dozen abstentions. It wasn't close enough for a lobby vote, but close enough for a hand count.)

And several plaintive voices from neos wanted to know if next year's convention would have a strong media stream or not, because they had found the worldcon far too serious. If they hadn't been new they would have known that Dave Lally is pretty much 'Mr Media'...

Aha, right, thanks.

Grin, yes, I met Dave Lally at Redemption this year and I see what you mean about Mr Media: we were sitting next to each other for the 'Blake's plan on Gauda Prime' panel, he ran the Brian Clemens appreciation session in the video room (Avengers and - oh, damn, can't remember the other series), and he donated to the auction a piece of wood from the original Wicker Man film, which he had found on the site of the final bonfire of the film. He was also on several panels, I think, again, on all manner of topics!

I heard there that the Cardiff bid had been put back because of the clash. I am not sure I realised there was nothing lined up for 2016, though!

Thankyou for the pictures. Can't remember why I missed the swashbuckling, but I did. So pictures are much appreciated.

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