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On the first day of the convention...
Well, time to retire to our room after:

1) finding all sorts of things that had to be done before we left home.

2) the M25 ('nuff said)

3) trying to find a car parking space at the hotel (thanks Stephen Davies​)

4) long booking in and fast and efficient registration process

5) finding Chad to hand over tiffin

6) waving to many friends in passing

7) finding various things we could not do without (Avengers earrings, painted bags, book. Probably more books.)

8) Panel on Terry Pratchett. Jim Butcher trying to keep order, Seanan McGuire hilarious on the subject of being thrown into pool, Farah throwing in razor-sharp analysis of literary style, Edward remembering his close friend.

9) Panel on MCU turns out to be me and Mike Carey, plus a great audience, for whom much love,

10) Many locked out of Bill Sellers' talk on animation of how dinosaurs moved. Could have told the concom this needed a bigger room. Those locked out missed fascinating presentation.

11) Panel on 'is this the Golden Age of SFF television' dominated by person co-opted in bar who talked over everyone, but particularly Ina and Ming. No conclusion reached by restive audience.

12) Highly expensive and unsatisfactory meal.

13) At least hotel Wifi working.

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Several panels have been oversubscribed and needed a biģer room, though I was only turned away from one that I wanted to attend.

I spoke to Tim Kirk about this. The hotel is low on medium sized rooms. Though the largest room can be divided into three, this is, as we know from other venues, a bit of a fag - and the programme needs it at full size for almost everything presented there.

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