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Goodbye to Terry
I first became aware of Terry Pratchett when he attended a long-ago Novacon, just as The Colour of Magic was published. He soon became an established member of fandom, well known for his 'Terry-and-an-audience' sessions, where he expounded something controversial and we yelled back at him. (He also noted any witty heckles for use in his books.) Then there was the weekend he quit his day job and went around yelling, "Free! Free!"

He was a great con participant, friendly with everyone, whether they read his books or not, witty and wise. I never met anyone who disliked him, and his courage when faced with early onset Alzheimer's was inspiring.

Also, he wrote books. Funny, biting, witty books.

DEATH came for him today.

And our community is very, very sad.

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Yes. I wrote a song for him. I can't put the tune up yet (upgraded my operating system and broke some mission-critical programs for doing that, but hopefully I can fix it tomorrow) but the lyrics are on my LJ.

Edited at 2015-03-13 03:09 am (UTC)

Nicely put. I was only thinking the other day that I could do with a bigger bookshelf for my Pratchett collection - I am immensely saddened to think that it will not need to be much bigger now.

At least DEATH would appreciate his company- He doesn't have all that many friends.

That said, I hope that rat behaves!

He was just lovely, in every way.

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