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An Unexpected Phone Call
All squash in 2

This is a photo of our and Kero's (Grand Premier Duberville Purcilla Andrez) first litter, which we bred thirteen years ago. This was the litter named after James H. Schmitz characters - Telzey Amberdon, Danestar Gems, Trigger Argee, and Heslet Quillan who we kept, who had a good show career, and was known to everyone as Quillan the Villain. Today, the guy who bought Telzey and Gem phoned us to say he had just lost Telzey (to cancer - 13 is a damn good innings for a Singapura) but Gem was on his knee as he spoke. He was looking for another Singa, but could find nothing on the internet and, indeed, they are as rare as hen's teeth now. We were so glad to hear about our lovely girls.

Gem was the very model of a Singapura.

Telly sitter 4 (best)

Telzey wasn't, but she was all personality.

Hide my eyes

And he kept the names! This simply does not happen...

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Thank you. It's a breed we love, but it's barely hanging on in the UK, what with the recession and all...

Not a breed I'm familiar with, but what pretty kitties! :o)

You're unlikely to see one nowadays, even in a show, in the UK, though they have full Championship status. We have two, neither of which we bred - the boy in my default icon who we bought as a stud cat and neutered because we were pulling out of breeding and a girl we bought as a breeding queen but who turned out to be infertile. All Singapuras are bred from a litter of kittens found by an American oilman on a ship in Singapore harbour in 1979, and taken home to his wife, who developed the breed.

Thank you. It was a long time ago, and these were on print film. The processor we were using at the time put all the pictures on disk for a small fee - hence the fairly low quality.

They are such pretty cats, though it's a shame that they aren't as long lived as common or garden moggies, or even Siamese. Ours was 17 when she died and sadly missed.

Siamese are particularly long lived as are Russian Blues - but a surprising number die young.

We lost Kero very young (eight) to bowel cancer and I still cannot think about her without tearing up. Our first Singas (both pet quality) lived to about 12, but both went to serious illness. My lovely Chantinelle had serious problems with her mouth (and the vet broke her jaw trying to fix the problem) and we hung onto her far too long. Quillan also had mouth cancer.

On the other hand, our Oriental queens both went down with mammary cancer, something that is always a big risk for working queens...

It's almost exactly four years since we lost Quillan to cancer. Good to hear that Gem is still OK (I wonder what happened to Trigger?)

I had never heard of a Singapura, but they look fascinating in those pictures. Sad news on Telzey, but good to hear about Gem, I imagine, and how nice of him to let you know!

They are lovely cats with terrific personalities, small (officially the smallest breed, though the UK standard - which we helped write - says "small to medium" and "heavier than you expect"), big eyed, big eared, and always ivory with sepia ticking. However, they have small litters, aren't always easy to breed, and you have to be very careful about inbreeding as they all trace back to five kittens from one litter plus another one that turned up later...

I'm sorry to hear of his loss, but glad to know her sister is still doing well. And My Miss Telzey sends her love, too (which, being Birman love, comes with nose licking).

Cuddles and scritches to the wonderful Miss Telzey.

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing pics 🐱

(Deleted comment)
On the other hand, they climb, particularly as kittens and particularly people. I found myself trying to explain all the scratches on my back to a nurse at a Well Woman clinic - I'm not sure she believed me.

Trigger, the litter sister to Telzey and Gem, went to a couple who informed us, in besotted glee, that "All our friends love her, particularly the way she marches straight to them and climbs onto their shoulders." I think not.

Oh dear. My cat Florence must have felyt the cold last night. I felt snug ubder my duvet last night, keeping my feet warm.

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