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Oh, my!
Watching the DVD of Hansel and Gretel:Witch Hunters (£3 in Sainsbury last week.) Cripes! A candidate for the worst movie I've seen in many years. Renner is pretty, but, oh, that ridiculous posing with the BIG GUN (sorta.) The dialogue is just one cliche piled on another cliche, most of which are pure 20th/21st Century.

It appear to be trying to be A Knight's Tale and failing miserably...

Edit: Actually, it's more like Van Helsing but less believable and with a worse script. (I cannot believe I just typed that!) Though at least it was shorter.

Memo to the actors - particularly to Renner and Janssen - get a new agent! (Though having seen how many career making roles the latter has turned down in the past...)
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LESS believable than Van Helsing? Yikes!


Van Helsing was a little more accurate to period, in that it had a steampunk vibe which fitted well enough with the 19th century setting. H&G:WH is meant to be set in a Middle Ages fantasy Europe, but one with 21st century mores and, occasionally, tech. (Hence 'A Knight's Tale' but that movie was funny. And well acted. With a great script.)

Yeah, "A Knight's Tale" knew what it was doing with the subversiveness... Sounds like this one doesn't!

I'm not sure the writers and producers of Hansel and Gretel know what 'subversiveness' means. I think they may have been aiming for Post Modern.

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