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Brian Clemens, RIP (?)
It's being reported on fan sources (and Huffpo) that Brian Clemens died on the 10th, aged 83. So far there is no official confirmation, but some of the sources include people who worked for Mark One, such as Ray Austin.

If this is true I am deeply saddened. Brian Clemens' name on a script meant that it would be exciting, funny and in character for whatever series he was writing, particularly if he was also producing it. He was one of the great TV thriller writers.

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I see that he also wrote on diagnosis murder. I didn't know he'd gone to the us. He was behind do much good uk TV.

It appears his son Samuel has confirmed it via his Facebook page, though not on the family business website the last time I looked.

The Beeb is always a bit conservative about rushing to report without confirmation, but this is now up:


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