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Please, please let this actually be in the movie...
From a review (linked below) of 'Exodus: Gods and Kings', Ridley Scott's latest epic (currently 46% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, though they only have just enough reviews for a critical consensus.)

“From an economic standpoint alone, what you’re asking is problematic,” which is Rameses’s (Joel Edgerton) response to Moses’s initial plea to “Let my people go!”

*sporfle* (A quote from the linked review. Please let this be true....)


Comments on the reviews I've read tend to be from outraged historians/biblical scholars. Mind you, no one expects historical accuracy, at least, from Scott (cf Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven) though, to be fair, as Moses isn't a historical figure and no trace of the Israelites has ever been found in Egypt, a land that is surprisingly full of contemporary historical information, one can only be outraged on behalf of Rameses II and the New Kingdom.

Update: Now 27% on Rotten Tomatoes. Of course, the 'racist' controversy does not help....

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Your link goes 404 for me.

Fixed. Or, at least, it now works for me.

That was some pretty impressive snark!

Andrews plays God as a pissed-off, impatient, and petulant child

IOW, absolutely true to the source material. Well done.

Like I said - the only outrage can be on behalf of the (historical) Rameses II (as if he didn't have enough trouble with the Hittites/Hatti - who the Israelites would, if they had been around at the time, found even more dangerous masters.)

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