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Phase 3 of the MCU
In Order, the MCU films coming up until May 2019 and my reactions to them:

Avengers: the Age of Ultron.

The more I see and hear of this, the better it seems to get. Partly this is because I adore the Scarlet Witch and am fond of the Vision. (Quicksilver not so much, but I suspect he is going to be used as a way into The Inhumans - see below.) Bring it on.


The opposite. Ant-Man was how I got into Marvel back in the early 60s, and I still have some affection for Hank Pym, and adore Jan Van Dyne. As this pair have been relegated to 'aging scientist' and 'fridged to motivate said aging scientist' I am officially displeased. A fine way to treat the two missing founding Avengers.

We are left with the uncharismatic Scott Lang, who I have never liked much. The thing was originally designed as a comedy, which is one of the reasons 'Green Lantern' went so, so wrong, and was in development hell for a length of time that suggested problems. Marvel apparently took a look at the last script and demanded changes. The director walked, just before filming began because he couldn't have his own way. Nothing about this appeals.

Captain America 3: Civil War

A little reassured by the fact that Chris Evans is on board for the third and fourth Avengers movies, and by comments from the scriptwriters/directors that it will not be much like the comic arc, but will be about 'who controls superheroes'. I have a theory that what is happening with Ant-Man is behind this change. Because of all the problems with Ant-Man (and it's not just me who has problems with it) they probably suspect the impending flop and are throwing everything (characters, actors, title recognition) into it to pick up if things go as wrong as they might. Also seems to be pandering to RDJ's not inconsiderable ego.

Doctor Strange

Chuffed if it does not feature the Cumberbatch. If it does, no.

Guardians of the Galaxy 2


Thor 3: Ragnarok

Can we please kill Loki? Thank you.

Black Panther

Cautiously optimistic, but, given Wakandan society in the early comics, it would be so, so easy to make an embarrassing (and potentially racist) error. I really, really hope they get it right, because I'm fond of T'Challa (though currently a member of that group of dicks, the Illuminati.)

Captain Marvel

I am so excited about this.


I am intrigued by how they are going to handle this. Medusa? Black Bolt? Lockjaw?!!! Well, if they can handle Groot and Rocket Raccoon...

Avengers: Infinity War Part One
Avengers: Infinity War Part Two

Too long to wait. I may be dead by then!

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What's wrong with Cumberbatch? Heck, I have to say I'm only really interested in Dr. Strange because he might be involved. I normally look first at directors and Scott Derrickson's previous films include "Sinister" and "The Exorcism of Emily Rose", neither of which appealed to me at all. I was a little wary when Johnny Depp was suggested (because his 'quirkiness' can be painful sometimes), but it has to be said they are going to need to get a good name for the main role, because I don't trust the director to direct traffic.

My reaction to half the stuff here is "what? who?"
Inhumans? What?
Captain Marvel? Who?
Black Panther? Um...

Heck, I only cared about Ant-Man because Edgar Wright was involved. Now he's walked away they really ought to have shelved it until they knew what they were doing.

I dislike Cumberbatch personally and as an actor - he is dreadful as Sherlock and was hopeless as Khan. I was - and still am - hoping for Joachin Phoenix who was in negotiation with Marvel.

Everything I heard about Wright's script (which was intended as a comedy) suggested it was going to be a flop. Marvel intervened at the last minute, almost certainly because the script didn't fit with the MCU. Personally, I think they ought to have scrapped it.

The Inhumans are going to be a stretch, but so were the Guardians of the Galaxy. Going up against Thanos at the end of Phase 3 they will need heroes with cosmic level powers - hence Captain Marvel, the Scarlet Witch, and some of the Inhumans. (Also, as it happens, being unable to use mutants - even as a designation - Marvel are working around to using the origins of the Inhumans as a substitute in the MCU (and, indeed, they are taking a much greater role in the comics.)

As for Captain Marvel - well, you're out of touch.

Naturally I'm out of touch! I've never heard of Captain Marvel! To be frank, I'd never really thought of Captain America as a major hero either. Thor randomly turned up for two seconds in a Spider-Man comic I read as a teenager and I had an old Hulk graphic novel. I discovered Nick Fury when looking through Garth Ennis' work. But Iron Man, Black Widow and Captain America are all new to me from the movies.

I was surprised you were so positive about a Guardians of the Galaxy sequel. Having liked the Marvel movies mainly for the comedy, I was disappointed with the attempts at humour in Guardians. (Yeah, I know, I'm in a minority.)

And, being almost entirely unfamiliar with the comics connected to the Avengers, Guardians made Thanos seem like the dullest villain ever. All he seems to do is sit on top of a hill and grin! - and, oh look, he likes pretty coloured stones like all the other cosmic villains... *yawn* Is there a reason why comic fans are so excited for this guy?

I'm worried about the cosmic-level-powers. With heroes which are completely ungrounded, I don't know that I'll be able to stay invested. As a comicbook fan who's followed cosmic-level storylines, do you think I'm wrong to be concerned about that? (For all the things that were wrong with "Man of Steel", I cannot help but feel that the lack of a relateable Clark Kent is probably a major factor. I can't help but feel these superheroes need a more down-to-earth relateable side to them. A flaw, quirk or weakness which makes them human.)

I enjoyed Sherlock and I thought Cumberbatch was a highlight in "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy". Khan was a mess, but then again "Into Darkness" was a complete mess anyway. I blame the script for that. Perhaps "The Imitation Game" will change your mind (or perhaps it'll change mine)?

What I find interesting is that Captain Marvel and Inhumans are between Infinity War Pt 1 and Pt 2.

I wonder if they'll be adding extra detail to it, or how else they're going to juggle that.

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