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I don't think I'll forget today in a hurry...
It's been a day and a half. At least that's what it feels like. Flash (the cat in my icon or whatever they call it on Facebook) needed dental work. We had, therefore, to withhold food for all the cats from 10pm last night and lift the water at 6am, before getting Flash to the vets' between 8:30 and 9 am. Of course, the cats woke me at 3:30 am demanding treats. Normally, I feed them treats and we all go back to sleep. This morning it was no treats and I was still being poked at 5:30 am when Bren started yipping to be fed. Wonderful.

We took the dogs out, and then went to catch Flash. I chased the damn animal all the way round the house. Then, just when I had caught him and was putting him in his box, Draco arrived. I still don't know how I managed to hold onto the cat and get him into the box...

Driving over to Buckhurst Hill, there were traffic jams (the rain, I suspect, as well as the earlier closure of Redbridge roundabout and resulting chaos on the A406 and the A12) so I turned into Roding Lane in Chigwell village. Roding Lane, as usual, had a line of parked cars nearly a hundred yards long, with no gaps, that cars have to take turns from opposite ends. I had right of way and was there first, and when another car started towards me that was okay because there was a one car szed gap on his side he could slot into. Except that three idiot drivers followed him... I had to back the car up onto a very short bit of pavement so the idiots could squeeze past. The traffic jams continued up Palmeston Road. But we delivered Flash to the vets and headed home.

Then the dogs had to be walked in the rain, and the washing up done and dinner (my infamous vegetable risotto) prepared - and Ina is in the middle of a stonking cold...

Bren needed to go to the vet for his three monthly check up, so we had booked him in to see the vet at 5:20pm when we could pick up Flash too. Meanwhile, in the afternoon, the other vet (who had done the op) rang to say Flash had had seven teeth out and it was a good thing we were coming late because he was very groggy.

So we took the dogs for a walk, loaded Bren into the car, and set out early because parking at the vets can be problematic. However, when we arrived - 20 minutes early - there was actually a space we could slot into and the vet saw Bren early and was very pleased with him. However, then it was collecting masses of medication for cat and dog - and boy, am I looking forward to putting Metacam and antibiotics down Flash, not - and filling out the insurance forms, paying Flash's excess, taking instruction from the vet nurses and arranging a new appointment for Flash... If we weren't insured and if our insurer didn't do dental we would have been shy a thousand pounds... Bren's medication costs about two thousand a year...

And now we're home and Flash won't come near me. It took me twenty minutes to catch him so I could removed the bandage from his leg where the drip had been. Nor will he eat what's he's supposed to. Draco hasn't had enough walkies and is being a pain, and all I want to do is go to sleep.

Now Richard appears to have blown his chances on TGBBO.