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Another one gone...
I am deeply sorry to hear of the death of Graham Joyce, a lovely bloke and an excellent author of dark fantasy, horror, and some things that are unclassifiable. I can't say I loved everything he wrote - I think you have to be a bloke to actually like 'The Tooth Fairy' though no doubt someone will come racing in to tell me I'm wrong, but his books had a reality of place and characterisation that only emphasised the lurking horror. He will be missed.

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Heh. I am entirely unable to tell you that you're wrong, for I am a bloke and I love "The Tooth Fairy" best.

(It had not occurred to me hitherto that this might be a gender-related love. I will think on.)

Maybe it's just me (and Ina) but this book was highly recommended to me by various male friends, and I found it impossible to relate in any way to the protagonist. I found the first few chapters totally boring and a bit gross and gave up.

Likewise, I have never read Joyce, though (and it was probably not your intention) your comment has intrigued me enough to have just bought the Tooth Fairy on Kindle. I'll let you know how it goes.

We seem to be losing a lot of people at what I consider to be a 'young' age. (Given that my father's 94 and physically robust still, I'm tending to view 90+ as my birthright lifespan.) It's disconcerting. :(

The first person who recc'd 'The Tooth Fairy' to me said, "It's the best account of what it feels like to be an adolescent I've read." I found I had nothing in common with it (despite not being a very girly girl.) I had one of those moments where there was no point of contact.

I love some of Graham Joyce's books, even when a little flawed, But I just couldn't get on with that one but fjm just recc'd it to someone on Facebook on the basis that it won various awards and was critically praised.

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