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Shopping - or how did that get there?
Humph. Apart from a 'Stark Industries' Tee (Howard era) and some earrings based on Captain America's shield, two Loncon beer 'glasses' and a couple of mugs with wolves on them, I seem to have acquired a Micro Drone plus camera. How did that happen? Well, it was that or a drinking horn and the micro drone is of marginally more use. And more fun.

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'It crawled into my hand, honest,' as Tuli Kupferberg would say.

But did you have fun (apart from the card crisis - I hope that didn't blight your whole con)?

Yes, I have had fun, mainly talking to dealers, exhibitors and old friends. Though I do feel that Worldcons nowadays, are, in the words of Dave Langford, too damn big. And too damn po-faced. As I have been forcibly removed from rooms in the past where I have threatened to stand up and yell at some Big Name Author/Academic for a particular stupidity, I have grown adept at recognising panels which would leave me fuming. (My friends know when to pick me up and carry me out.)

My father, a Spanish speaker, always derives great pleasure from pointing out that the literal translation of 'se me cayó' is not 'I dropped it', but 'It dropped itself to me'. I always think there should be an equivalent 'it bought itself to me', for those occasions, such as at funfairs, when you acquire more toffee apples, tickets for raffles, and small widgets than you recall buying.

Hee! You bought one of the drones!

Of course I did. I'm just a kid at heart. I'd love to know how many they sold, because there was always a queue of at least three as I went past the stall and the lady who stopped me on the DLR station to ask me where I got the shield earrings was carrying one, and another friend I met said she'd seen a mutual friend, a senior IT engineer, sneaking past with one and a slightly guilty expression...

Edited at 2014-08-18 05:27 am (UTC)

Damn I'd have bought one! Are they selling them online? Weirdly person flying them was pointed out to e but not that they were on sale!

Their website is http:/www.extremefliers.co.uk

They were selling them for £40 (and £20 extra for the cameras) though their promotional material says this was a 'special [half price] offer' I suspect they do a lot of special offers!

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