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International Gin Day
Apparently, this is International Gin Day.

Hence the White Lady cocktails I have just mixed.


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gin isn't my thing
but i'll drink to it
margarita on the rocks - hold the salt

I thought I hated gin.

Then I got back from a day on a course to find that a) I had got a promotion and b) my bosses - they were lovely - were building me the biggest Gin and Tonic you ever did see.

I could hardly refuse such a kind thought, as they had gone out and bought gin and tonic and lemon and commandeered the refrigerator for making ice.

By the time I'd had two of their celebration G&Ts, I was hooked.

nothing like a celebration to make something "tasty"

I did not know this existed!

Nor did I until it cropped up on Ina's Facebook feed yesterday!

Damn! I'd love a white lady but Other Half has scoffed all the gin!

Isn't that grounds for divorce?

It probably should be...

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