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I may be gone a while
A chap/chapess is coming this afternoon to install the line and modem for fibre optic broadband. When we had broadband installed originally we spent over a week offline because the router was faulty -- something the provider's support team refused to believe -- though the replacement they finally sent has worked perfectly ever since (and served as a bum warmer for the cats.) Due to the fact this house was built in the 60s (and the builder and architect were not thinking very hard) the main phone socket is installed on the wall against the services core and the nearest sockets are a good six feet away and are already used for router/lamp/laptops/hardrive. More four/six/eight gangers here we come. (And it is only now that I discover we could have ordered a really, really long cable to connect the modem and the router. Not that this would have done us much good because - sockets.)

Also, our provider may be off line (with others who, like most providers, use BT's Openreach fibre) at times during the next couple of weeks.

We may be gone for some time.

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Good luck
Though there is no reason you should be down more than a day

I hope it goes smoothly for you!

My flat is also 1960s-built, and the builders/electricians failed to take account of 21st-century gadgets; the master phone socket is situated on a section of wall with no power sockets at all, so I couldn't use it for a modem without trailing power cords across or through at least one door, and my router and cordless phone live on the bedroom extension. (Also I run my entire home office -- computer and monitor, two printers, and a shredder -- from the one and only socket provided in the second bedroom. As the cord for the 10-gang surge protector goes behind two 2x1m bookcases, I'm in trouble if it ever dies.)

It shouldn't take more than a day. When BT installed our system it was within a day.

Thanks Dave.

I want the box in the living room which is first floor and at the back of the house. My provider just sent me an email which said, basically, 'You're installed' - but we're expecting the telephone engineer this PM...

Us too, but in our case it's 'cos we're heading for the wilds of Orkney and don't much wish to be contactable! :o)

Rather be in your position, even though the chap has been and done a sterling job!

I envy you! Fiber optic Internet is available in the surrounding areas but not in Boston (and no sign of it ever coming here).

Wishing you a smooth transition!

The transition itself was very smooth - unfortunately, I am having problems logging Ina's old Toshiba (running Vista) onto the router. (Though I had no trouble at all with my machine and the SMART TV.) I shall probably have to employ my brother's expertise at some stage. And it was only an upgrade - not a new provider or cable...

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