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The Riverside Museum, Glasgow, Part 1
The Riverside Museum is the newest (and award winning) of Glasgow's many museums.

Riverside Museum Frontage

It is designed by Zaha Hadid Associates (and this puts it in the same architectural bracket as the buildings by Foster Associates and BDP over near the SECC.)

This is the view as you walk round towards the Clyde. As you can see, it comes with its very own tall ship, the Glenlee.

Walking round the museum.

Which Hadid has taken full advantage of in designing the Clydeside wall

Riverside Museum

Reflected Masts

A more conventional view of the Glenlee.


Deck and Rigging

All for now. Interiors of the Glenlee and the Museum to follow.

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I saw something about that museum in the Guardian: they made it sound well worth a visit and you confirm that...

Well, it is by the hottest architect in the world right now and it was only fifteen minutes walk along the Clyde from the Crowne Plaza. Also, it's free - both the museum itself and the 'Glenlee'.

Absolutely glorious photos and what a spectacular building that is!

Thank you, but the credit is all Hadid's. The building is gorgeous.

[Smiles smugly at own ability to recognise a bit of fabulous architecture before Googling the name of the architect.]

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