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On to the North
Last Tuesday, we put two dogs and four cats into the car, drove to Ongar and deposited them at the Animal Country Club where, as usual, the dogs leaped at the kennel girls wagging their tails and the cats headed straight for the beds under the heat lamps. Then we drove home and filled the car with luggage and headed North up the A1.

Scotland is a long way to drive, and we broke our journey at our friend Cimorene's who lives on the hill behind the Keighley side of Ilkley Moor with her two Russian Blue cats.

Russian Blue

The next day was inamac's birthday but as we had the car with us and Cimorene no longer drives, we spend the morning out at a 'garden centre' on the hill above Bingley

Yorkshire Hillside 2

picking up 'some sacks of compost'.

This 'garden centre' turned out to be so big that we could probably have fitted all the garden centre greenhouses in Essex into it!


Inside the Greenhouses 2

Yellow flush

Red Centre

We then ferried Cimorene, her compost and her plants back home, then headed out for the Nightingale Pub for a terrific lunch, then on into Keighley to try to find someone to mend my computer bag (the shoulder strap had pulled out of the stitching), get some hair dye for Ina (more on this later!) and look round the shops. I ended up with a new jacket at Dash...

Back home where Ina spent some of her birthday knitting.

Jean knits

Under the beady eyes of the cats.

Russian Blue Eye

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Cowling is the village
Love doggy friendly places

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