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Captain America: The Winter Soldier - a link from Facebook discussing the ending(s.)

Pretty much as I interpreted the last few scenes and the stingers. The only real surprises at that point were the appearance of Baron von Strucker and Loki's sceptre. SHIELD is currently dead in the water, Maria Hill has a long history with the Avengers - at one time leading that group -- and, in particular, with Tony Stark during his time as Director of SHIELD. Iron Man was mentioned earlier as still being operative (causing some speculation that this took place before Iron Man 3, which it is quite clear it does not. Also, the survival of Crossbones led to speculation (mainly, it has to be said, from Sebastian Stan fangirls) that we might be running with the Death of Captain America/Fallen Son storyline and Stan's long term contract might be as Bucky!Cap. However, that innovation was ultimately unsuccessful, and rumour hath it that the Winter Soldier's storyline in this movie was written down, probably because it wasn't really working as the main line of the story.

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(Deleted comment)
I would be very disappointed if it did turn out to be permanent.

Story is that in Avengers: the Age of Ultron Tony and Steve are joint leaders of The Avengers.

My expressed theory about IM3 is that the whole thing was made up by Tony out of whole cloth to see what he could get away with during his session with Bruce.

That's the only way I can actually contemplate the horror that is IM3.

I would buy that theory, for much the same reason. I'm not sure the people who wrote it are bright enough for that but since the next installment is JW's to tell he could retcon it in... One can only hope.

Oddly enough, Teaberryblue and Rainproof, who sorta like IM3, also went for this theory.

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