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Live blog - Agents of SHIELD
Natasha Running
Here we go again, hoping that it might get better.

Right. Well, 'rare Chitauri metal' - did anyone see the size of those bloody Leviathans? Not to mention the number of Chitauri soldiers and their tech (guns, fliers etc) in 'The Avengers'. Ridiculous.

Skye is a liability, but better to control her than let her loose. I thought Victoria Hand was cleverer than that.

Right, let's get this straight. There's supposed to be someone who is a clairvoyant. But, though s/he can see that Coulson died s/he can't see, very conveniently for the plot, how they revived him, and can't 'see' that Coulson himself doesn't know.

And not another lost father. More bloody Daddy issues. Much prefer Sci's version of Coulson's family, thanks.

Does no one in America take keys out of the ignition? Or lock their cars. Ever?

And why in the world would one build an aircraft with a chamber where hexagonal bits open to the sky? Oh, on the off chance you might have to torture someone...

Oh, Mr villain, just shoot the bitch and make the rest of us happy.

'Commander Hill'??????

And just why is Coulson so important. It's a bad writing mistake. People liked Coulson because he was ordinary but badass. Making him extraordinary alienates part of the audience.

The laws of physics do not apply to SHIELD planes, obviously.

Technobabble alert! Technobabble alert!

Hang about, if the clairvoyant can see inside all government and non-government agencies he can certainly see what happened to Coulson. Which they know and he doesn't.

"Every think." (Oh dear.)

"Lock it around the centipede soldier's arm."
Which should have been continued, "While he kills you."

Sack the lot!

As he can't remember dying how can he think back to his 'first memory' afterwards?

Why am I getting 'Crystal Skull' vibes

Blimey, they need a fight choreographer. Urgently.

So nothing is revealed. Nothing is settled. Nothing is resolved. Typical.

None of the Coulson tag makes any scientific sense at all. ("You'd lost your will to live." Big deal.)

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I'm afraid I didn't pick it up again after the hiatus. I've totally forgotten about it for two weeks running, so that's goodbye to AoS from me, I guess.

There was nothing else on I wanted to see and something on after it Ina wanted see, so no use starting a film.

The problem with this series is mainly that it thinks it can hold onto its audience by references to either the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the the comics/cartoon universes. And, indeed, this is still has a reasonably sized American audience in the aimed-for demographic.

However, references alone are not a draw for a large proportion of that demographic. Ratings continue to fall slowly as more and more people simply get fed up with the bad plotting and even worse characterisation.

It does not make me particularly sanguine about Marvel's expansion, in partnership with Netflix, into TV superheroes -- and I really, really want to see this particular set of heroes (Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones and Daredevil are in all at the casting stage) for any number of reasons, including that, in comics, they have close relationships with each other, making it possible to integrate the series in a way that even the Warner Brothers' westerns or CSI cannot emulate. (Two are married, with a child, two have been partners for, oh, thirty years of real time and ten years of Marvel time, one has filled in as the other for a period, using hir costume, and all have been Avengers at one time or another.) Also, there are a couple of Iron Fist supporting characters that, if included, will make this lot more racially diverse and add two more badass women in Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, the Daughters of the Dragon.

I really must take a look at Arrow and see how DC are doing.

Then there's the 'Agent Carter' series at the planning stage...

I thoroughly enjoyed Arrow, perhaps because after Agents of Shield I didn't really have high expectations. I'm not a comics reader so I only have a passing acquaintance with DC and Marvel. (I had a brief period in the 1960s when my dad bought comics 'for me' - Yeah, right!)

Arrow is reasonably well written, has an engaging main character and some good supports and had a double bonus in the forms of Colin Salmon and John Barrowman. I didn't see it on TV so bought the boxed set and liked it well enough that I'll buy the second season.

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