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I know that name...
Listening to the World Service this morning, I was brought up short by an interview with a photographer who managed to get film out of Poland (and later out of Holland) during the German invasion in WW2. (Part of the excellent 'Witness' series, which details eye-witness accounts, normally as an interview, with people who were present or took part in key moments of modern history.)

The name, Douglas Slocombe, seemed awfully familiar and, what was more, familiar in a film context, but I knew I had never heard this story before. The end tag enlightened me. I did know the name, very well indeed, from film credits ranging from Ealing Comedies to Indiana Jones. Slocombe became one of the world's great cinematographers and directors of cinematography.

He is over one hundred now, but still alert enough to give a great account of what happened in Poland.

Read all about it here


or go and look up 'Witness' on Listen Again.

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I sometimes listen to the World Service when Radio 4 shuts down at night

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