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I have just lost respect for Clark Gregg (Coulson in the MCU.)
Clark Gregg shows people why he doesn't understand why "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" loses viewers who should be following avidly...

To quote, he says that people who have stopped watching and have critiqued the show... "Those aren’t geeks. Those are losers. You start to have people like Deathlok showing up; You start to understand that a bunch of these different episodes were connected. A lot of the geeks that I respect most…are very excited about where we’re going. So I’m going to choose to work for them.”

No, Mr Gregg, those are people who don't get excited just because Deathlok may show up. They get excited not over references and the occasional guest star, but about good plotting, interesting original characters and their interactions. They are often (and you would know this if you frequented Tumblr or LJ or Dreamwidth) people who are very knowledgeable about comic books, among other things. You don't get to choose who is a geek. Furthermore, you don't get to 'choose' who you work for, either, sunshine. You have no choice at all over who watches your TV show (which Channel 4 appears to have abandoned temporarily over here - probably waiting for downtime in the summer.)

And, for the record, I understand that you dissed Mr Steranko, without whom you wouldn't have a job, baby.

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There are 1435 works tagged 'Agents of SHIELD' on AO3 - and most of those are Avengers crossovers - I think that demonstrates the appeal of the show to 'geeks'.

Waiting for the 'Proud to be a loser' T-Shirts.

It's not as bad as Simon Pegg actually saying "f*** you" to Star Trek fans.

Steranko was apparently producing regular critiques of SHIELD and talking about what he would want done differently and Clark Gregg simply joked: "Hey, get your own show!" at the same time emphasising that he was a fan of Steranko's work. That's not really "dissing".

But I think the situation between Gregg and Pegg here is the same. They don't like people bad-mouthing projects they have worked hard on. But as you say, they cannot influence the fans. Not all fans are going to appreciate Agents of Shield and many Star Trek fans are going to vote Into Darkness as the worst of the Star Trek films. Gregg and Pegg aren't the writers, they can't help the material they are given, all they see is a crowd that is tough to please. And I guess we are...


And he did try to backpedal later in the interview, but by that time the damage was done. I think Clark Gregg has become used to a lot of adulation over Coulson, who was basically a character the fans actually *made* cool. It's what fans do -- take a minor character and play around with the backstory. Coulson, like others, was very nearly a blank slate in IM and, because the fans took him up, the studio made him a linking character. (As a member of SHIELD he reminds me most of Jasper Sitwell, who is similarly mild-mannered and totally badass - and that character was created by Jim Steranko.)

The problem here is not that most people were expecting something like The Avengers but that many comics fans (and some film fans too) expected some of the clear, sharp, colourful characters who are part of SHIELD in the comic books, and they got cardboard cutouts. The cast, in many respects, can be exchanged with many generic cop and spy shows, and Gregg isn't good enough to carry the rest of it.

Telling your audience that they don't understand where you are heading when their main complaint is that the journey is not interesting isn't going to get them to return in droves, or stop writing critical reviews, if, for instance, they write for one of the main comic book sites. In fact, the reaction has been more of "Okay, then, I was sticking with this out of loyalty, but now I'm off."

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