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That interview
Dear Harry Potter fandom:

Jo Rowling has a perfect right to say, in public, that she thinks an aspect of her work is flawed and she wouldn't do it that way today. (Actually, I wish she'd eschew all unnecessary capital letters, and promise to be good in future, but that's me.) This does not change the work in question at all. Now, if she goes back and re-writes everything from 'Goblet of Fire' onwards, then you have a right to complain, or to approve, though you can still take the original text as canon, as you wish.


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Also she's not wrong about Ron and Hermione. Cackles

So can I take it some parts of Potter fandom are really upset with her now?

It wasn't Ron marrying Hermione that bothered me, it was Harry marrying Ginny, whose role in the series was basically as a damsel in distress. I think he'd find her unbearably boring.

Yes - while other parts are yelling, "I told you so!" and others are howling with laughter.

I agree she has a perfect right. Her world, her work, she can talk about it if she likes.

I wasn't aware wigs were flipping over this. Hopefully things will quiet down again soon.

It's being reported on the hourly news. I repeat, in 2014, they report who the author of a genre book 'shipped, on the news.

To be really living in the future where slash fandom has taken over the world, they would have reported that some fans were unhappy about the author's opinion, but thankfully they didn't do that this time.

I'm amazed that they haven't, actually, considering that (I am told) the 'ship wars' in Harry Potter fandom were long lasting and highly unpleasant, and at least one now-well-known fantasy author, Cassandra Clare, was deeply involved.


Can people really not tell the difference between fantasy and reality these days?

I'm not sure they ever have been, to tell you the truth.

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