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Promises, promises
I said I'd post a picture of Bren in his not-totally-ineffective anti-scratch gear and here it is

Bren in his anti-scratch gear

Not only has he removed vast chunks of his hair from his shoulders and his face, his paws were swollen, there were bare raw patches on his back end, and he kept taking the scabs off his legs, He also now has a large bare patch on the side where the skin test was done (a patch full of little dots.) However, he was injected with long lasting steroids and this should kick in around six or seven o'clock. We can now add house mites and grass pollen, among other things, to the growing list of things he's allergic to. The specialist recommends him going back on Medrone for the present, because it works for him at reasonably low doses. We can always switch him to one of the two other drugs in the future,

And, for dessert, the parakeets have arrived in Essex!

Parakeet in the tree

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He's doing a darn good impression of totally fed up!

Wouldn't you be fed up if you were yelled at and grabbed every time you scratched? When you were itching like crazy?

Oh poor little doggy. Our labrador had similar issues and was always scratching.

Hope Bren feels better soon

Poor guy. :( Hope he's doing better soon.

Re. parakeets - pretty to look at but absolutely voracious and noisy. When we were in Hounslow the first few showed up and I thought they were lovely. When they were fruitful and multiplied, I was somewhat less keen....

They've only just arrived here.

Poor Bren. I had a bought of psoriasis once and I can testify as to how horrible constant itching is. :(

Re the parakeets, we noticed them in various places along the river during our brief London break between Christmas and New Year.

Yeah, I had contact dermatitis as a child and I get an occasional flare-up on my legs even now.

The parakeets started in South London, notably around Richmond, then moved across to Kent. They've crossed the river, but we hadn't seen them in Essex until very recently.

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