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Anything not to write...
Meme time.

coth gave me the letter D which I found incredibly difficult. It's a letter people don't seem to love very much...

Something I hate: Dickens, Charles. I had this fight about this with my favourite English mistress at school. I did manage to win that one by pointing out that, unlike her, I did like Tennyson. We called it a draw.

Something I love: Little Dog Draco. Though sometimes I want to strangle him.

Somewhere I have been: Durham. Ina and I stopped there on our meandering way back from a Scottish worldcon. My favourite English cathedral and one of the most beautiful cities in the country.

Somewhere I would like to go: Darwin, Oz. Because I love Australia, though, to be frank, I'd rather visit Tasmania and the Red Centre. (I went through the list of countries and cities beginning with D and, to be honest, there wasn't anywhere else I wanted to go.)

Someone I know: all the people at the Lodge Lane Loonies with D names: David (with the dignified Airedale Amber and the wild Mini Schnauzer Sky), Dean who is building a great website for us http://www.lodgelanelooniesagility.co.uk/index.html (with the ridiculously enthusiastic – and loud – Border Collie Alfie) and Darren with the walking hearthrug (cockerpoo) Rosie, and not forgetting Darcey-the-Working-Sheepdog who belongs to our instructor, Val.

Best movie: Dances With Wolves, for all its faults, for the emotion and the photography and Kicking Bird. The only other movies under consideration were Duck Soup and Django Unchained.

If you comment asking for a letter, I will provide one.

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Me too re Dickens. When I first read Trollopw's comment about Mr Sentimental the journalist I laughed out loud with recognition.

Indeed. I'm also not keen on his grotesques and his moralising. His heroes are generally just the sort of people I don't want to read about. We 'did' Great Expectations at school and I had some sympathy for every single character except the protagonist.

Edited at 2014-01-11 05:13 pm (UTC)

I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels that way about Dickens- whilst his plots are good, he ruins them by making them about ten times as long as they needed to be...

Could you give me a letter?

All us Dickens haters are coming out of the woodwork.

How about T?

I also can't stand Dickens. I had to read Hard Times for an OU course once. It was awful and not a patch on North and South, which is covering the same ground. As well as not liking his characters, I find he over-uses coincidence in his plots.

Ina hates Dickens as well. I can't help noticing how many women are members of this club.

I loathe Dickens too! I've never yet managed to finish anything by him, and many years ago decided that life was too short. Frankly, I'd rather read the advertising on a packet of loo roll. You know that punishment in Thursday Next where she has to wear gingham and read 10 books? I'd rather do a 25 year stretch than read Dickens, lol.

I'm tempted by the idea of a letter.... :)

If you decide you do want that letter, A is there for the taking.

(Deleted comment)
Dickens was meant to have been horrible wasn't he?
Depressing writing in depressing times :-(
Gota letter?

Caught site of the cathedral round the back of the bus station yesterday, all painted with the low sunlight, and thought, oh, yes, Durham really is beautiful, isn't it? Since on Tuesday we go to the Planning Committee to oppose retrospective planning consent, it's good to be reminded of this!

Good luck with the planning committee.

Well, Dickens was judicious in the use of words in comparison to, say, Victor Hugo, but he did give in to peer pressure with respect of killing off his prostitute characters, as it would have been difficult to "morally" deal with them otherwise.

I'm coming very late but I hope I get a letter, please.
I want to spread this wonderful virus on my site.

Except for the A Christmas Carol, I have managed to ignore Dickens my whole life. And I am the better for it.

How about L?

I shall be interesting to read your post!

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