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Does no one actually read credits?
fighting for remote
Answer me this: why do so many people who didn't like 'The Empty Hearse' (and you can count me among them) blame Moffat? There were several people on LJ yesterday, and I have just noticed a posting on Tumblr with a couple of hundred notes where only two people take the poster to task for blaming Moffat when Gatiss (co-creator) wrote that episode.

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I'm not specifically picking on you, Zan - it's all over the shop. It's not even as if Moffat has the higher profile, at least among the general public.

Actually, I think the problem with both as writers is a lack of imagination and internal logic plus, above all, a love of pastiche that precludes real originality. The last comprises the whole of Gatiss's novels.

We were listening to the radio version of the 'The Empty House' the other day and were struck by how more believable ADC was when it came to characterisation and plot, and how much more likeable Holmes is in original canon. When, very, very occasionally, he is cruel to Watson (in 'The Empty House' and 'The Dying Detective' for two) he either has good reason or is genuinely apologetic.

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Moffatt can do nothing right with a certain section of fandom it seems. Anything wrong with any project he's even near gets blamed on him. Just read ONTD posts on Sherlock and DW if you want examples. I swear I've seen him blamed for why Eccleston left DW.

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