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Meeting myself coming back...
Well, at least I've got the pressie situation under control, in that even if I haven't bought things I know what I am going to buy and when. Of course, if Amazon continue to sit on the stuff I ordered three days ago and don't get off their backsides... (Yes, J, this is your pressie.)

Zara comes back tomorrow, possibly mated, possibly not. However, because it looks like inamac has got her early retirement (despite being four years younger than me [sob]) we have now started the hunt for a Singapura tom of our very, very own. Unfortunately, the two kitten possibilities we've explored so far are both sired by her grandfather - and Bertie also has this cat quite close in his pedigree, so if she did happen to have a girl and we did happen to keep it, said kitten would already double back to this (admittedly splendid) tom. What is more, some friends of ours in Portsmouth have just got a kitten with said tom prominant in his pedigree to make up into a stud cat, and it would not be good policy for the only two toms in this part of the country. (Wonders how much it would cost to import a boy from the States...)

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Oooh tom kitties. They are *so* affectionate!

Well, in the (possible) future, you must come and meet this (possible) kitty.

Um, in my senility I read that as the kittens had been sired by Inamac's grandfather... Sorry, am braindead today, still recovering from the laughable cover art Cerridwen Press has done for our bodice ripper.

More importantly, good luck in your hunt for a suitable Singapura stud muffin.

Who ordered this Christmas so early? It just seems to have jumped at me this year.

This morning I searched for a five sided coin to decide which of the jobs I currently have to work on. Amusingly a contract came through for 250 hours of my time between now and next Friday. Somehow I don't think so.

I am also proposing research to develop the principles of a Flyingsub (yes, the idea did come from that damned show.) My illustrious business development manager put it down as an idea and now I have to postulate a programme to design one.

Is Chip Morton still alive I ask myself?? Bob Dowdell I need you and the effects crew!!

I don't know about Bob D, though I have an LJ friend who probably would...

David Hedison is still with us.

Nah, there's only 50k in the budget for models in the first year, notsure I could wangle a trip to the states.

Still, it would be so funny if we won this research, they rejected all our 'sensible' ideas.

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