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The Non-Problem of Susan
From Tumblr, by Inksploch, one of the very, very best pieces of writing on Susan Pevensie (and very much a 'fuck you, C.S. Lewis) that I have seen.

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I am afraid that I always thought Lewis simply managed good continuity: that Susan is evident in both The Horse and His Boy, and Prince Caspian. And I never did subscribe to the Pullman interpretation. So I can't match this Susan with the Susan of the books (now Jill....), but it's still an awesome piece of writing.

Susan is sensible in 'Prince Caspian' - indeed, one of the things I hate about that book is the idea that blind faith trumps intelligence.

Lovely. Yes. I want to write this Susan.

Could have done without the anti English sentiment

I didn't see that in this piece. The writer is plainly American and it's canon (I think - mentioned in 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader') that Susan visited the US with her parents, so her alternate history is on a 'write what you know' basis. All the writer says is that England reminded Susan too much of Narnia...

They say it was too small.

(Deleted comment)

When I was young I read your books and was too naive to notice your appalling message and once I did it rankled for years...

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